Thursday, January 18, 2007

OMG incoherent Runaways squee

Xavin! And Victor. And OMG Gertrude! And Molly's Adventures. And Jono! Sweet love of Mike! And plot! And thoughtfulness! And actions meaning things! And I had to think and Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

WTF is wrong with Marvel that the rest of their stuff I wouldn't even wipe my arse with. Cause a person's arse should know when to go and when not to go and Marvel's stupidity might be contangious.

If you've other Marvel stuff that isn't stupid... I've been hearing things about Mary Jane? Please let me know and I'll seek it out. But in general, Marvel and DC were turning me off Superhero (non Manga) Comics. And this is aside from my inanate need to force Frank Miller to suck Greg Land's cock.

ETA - And and...I totally forgot I'd started writing down prior thoughts so:
I've just started reading Runaways "True Believers" and I'm caught at the whole 'Ex Teen Superheroes'. I always wondered what happened to those folks. My snarky brit boy included.

It made me think that Marvel keeps doing limited series, putting together new teams and then doesn't go anywhere with them. They blame sales or whatever but don't actually put writers into making the characters people to care about.

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