Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Where I Am / What I'm Doing


Dealing with computer problems. Computer problems and more computer problems. Right now I'm actually at the library. At home I've managed to gain access to the net using a live cd of Ubuntu. But I'm having problems accessing my data since one of my drives disappeared. I want to save all the data I can.

Gee wiz Windows. Someone turns on their computer, you refuse to load, and then you lose their hard drive. And now you're upgrading to VISTA and not letting them use their iPods. No love for yo!

In slightly less (cut my hair, rub ashes on my body, dress in sack cloth) down news - I've lucked upon 'Kiss Me, Kill Me (Vol 1)' which so far seems to be the sweetest little crossdressing gender-bending, queer aware (if not friendly) Manga I've every come across. Though I admit to being a Manga newbie n00b.

In even less depressing move. I now own Astro City: Life in the City, Family Values and yes! Confession. I started re-reading LiTC and will hop on Confession pretty skippitdy, I love it so much.

I also got Astro City: Samaritan Special.

I still don't know how I feel about it yet. It seems simple but I keep having complex half-thoughts about duty, honor, life mixed with self determination and then there's 'reality' and 'the rights of reality' thrown in. On the surface I could say that it's Mxy gone dark and taller vs Superman. But it's not. It's Samaritan, whom I like. Who is very different than Batman's Uke.

Maybe when there's not a 'OMFG no!' happening every day or every other day, I'll be able to have greater thoughts about it.

I do admit to being struck by the fact that Samaritan's foe claims to want to learn and know everything and yet still holds on to his childhood view of women, power and expectations for the use of that power. It makes me wonder if that's his real weakness. He's stagnated and stunted in some ways and eternity might not be enough to get him to grow out of it.

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