Thursday, March 1, 2007

Marvel. Civil War Ends. Super Powered Teams What?


Maybe this is an incredibly stupid question. But I won't get an answer if I don't ask a question? Right?

So, I'm surfing along Blogger, trying to wrap my head around the collective' NooooooOOOOooooo' of Civil War #7 and I stumble across this phrasing:All super-powered folk have to be registered, and seemingly all of the registered folks are drafted into military service.

It seems to sum up Civil War in 30 secs and some generic things I've seen going: 'Cap gave up? What?!!' pretty well.

As a once upon a time X-man, fan, however, I'm curious. What's going to happen to the X-Men? They didn't want any part of the war. They've already been through this registration thing. What now? Has anyone been following along in their books? Were any of their books even tied into Civil War?

Is the school going to remain? Are military recruiters going to be given carte blanche to walk up in Xavier's Academy and tap on various teenagers with various powers they like?

Is Kurt Busiek gong to be working on any titles? Cause he's one of the writers I know would take a look at it from the perspective of some young person suddenly acquiring powers or having had powers on the down low for a while, but who decides to walk away from trouble, on purpose, because they don't want to be drafted.

What about Dazzler? Is she around outside of Ultimate X-Men? Either way, she's never wanted to be a team player/protector anything. She just wanted to sing.

Is Franklin Reed going to be drafted? How old is he in normal continuity anyway?

What happens if you want to be a normal person? Are you required to serve a term or two terms of service before you can use your heat ray to make the best damn pizza ever?

Are people going to want to run away to Canada and Wankanda?

Ok, maybe the blogsphere can't answer the last one, without seeing the stories that come out of the wrap up. But I'm very kind of wtf!huh, now. It's wrong when it's Mutant Registration and two steps away from Ghettos and Camps and stripped personal liberties. But it's ok if you just happened to fall into a vat of toxic waste and decided to do something positive with it?

If the super-powered humans are being used to protect each individual state, and they are now part of the military, then are they going to get like, National Guard or Police backup? Are the same uniforms who were just hunting down people supposed to guard their backs now?

I'm just... Am I just not getting the intrigue of the story? Because all I keep seeing is Sentinels, over and over again; knocking down regular people in order to capture mutants people with super-powers.

Randomly: Is there going to be a nice Kitty Pryde/Magneto one shot wherein both the mutant Jews that are well known in the universe, begin to ponder the phrase 'Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it'?

Also... Dude. Where's Magneto? Cause super powered, drafted military people sounds a lot like 'Super powered SS'. Or maybe that's just me.

ETA: And what about Sue Storm? She left her husband because she believed he was in the wrong and perhaps slightly crazy too (all wank about her sexing him first non-withstanding). Is she going to 'come home' now? And be all nice? And say 'But I screwed you real good, me love you long time?' Or will she stick to her guns? Which means is there going to be 'Civil War Extended' with people who rebel against this 'win' and it'll all still go on for more comics and tie ins than anyone with five hands could shake a stick at? Is this just further excuse for Marvel to feel Civil War and all associated with it, is an excuse/license to print money?

Cause people complain, but they still buy it.

Damn, even more so than before it looks like I should just get up to Issue $24 of Runaways and then forget Marvel ever existed. Manga here I come.

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