Sunday, April 29, 2007

Letter to a Construct

Dear ,

Who are you? What do you really stand for? What do you want? And how do you want society to be in the future?

Are you gay?

...I'm gay so I don't look at them the same way a straight guy would...

And would that be gay as in a gay male? Because:

I don't know if you've seen "Chicken Run" but one of my husband's and my favorite quotes from it is muddies the waters quite a bit.

Of course you could be gay and have gone through a commitment ceremony and prefer to refer to your partner as your husband. But then you also say.

My gay roommate and I were having dinner with

And while I'd pass no judgements if you're in a polyamrous triad, gay, straight or bisexual, I'd think you'd use more honest language to describe where you're coming from. I also think you'd have some slightly better thoughts and more of awareness of sexuality and feminism and thus more understanding of the points I was trying to make in my post about the indoctrination that comics may be having on youth and how it shapes their views on sexuality.

Instead you've been all hung up on rape, even though rape was a footnote in the post.A footnote created to dispel the notion that women might not be averse to rape of a female character used as an impetus for the male character's storyline. A footnote that was created to show that I had thought about various arguments that might be given about how rape affects female comic readers - but that was placed as a footnote because the point of my post was about the comics and how they might shape the sexual underpinnings of young minds.

You showed up in my journal with statistics about rape going down. "BTW, the increase in the amount of sexual imagery that has flood our society since the 1980s doesn't seem to have caused sexual assault."

But that distasteful display was not cushioned with information on what kind of rape was reported; marital, incest, childhood molestation, stranger, date assault, etc...

* You didn't show up with any information on whether various counties and districts and communities change the charge from rape to assault or aggravated sexual battery based on what was done to the victim.

* You didn't show up with information about how often the various precincts believe rape is reported or not reported.

* You didn't show up with information about what counted as sexual imagery and how that varied from sexual imagery depicted in the past.

* You didn't show up with information about whom that sexual imagery was and or is made accessible for.

You brought up a quote: "sex offenders generally had less adolescent experience with erotica" - which would have been relevant to my post only in that it related to sexual sanctity transgression and formative exposure. Was that meant to prove my point that certain resources other than those deemed 'erotica' do have an affect on people with no regard for other people's personal space or sense and space of self?

I don't know.

Why don't I know?

Because again and again you hammer in about rape. And then, while discussing rape. You talk about finding the positions heroines are placed in as confusing to you when they're described as humiliating, servile and cheesecake.

You: This presupposes that the poses are servile and humiliating.
You: Why would wanting to have sex suggest being servile?

We're discussing heroines in action as being drawn as if capturing the bad guy were not the point. And you seem to have swallowed the point that what these heroic female figures really want to be doing is sucking cock somewhere.

I can't deal with you. And I highly suggest the people in my journal trying to reply to your restated confusing, and often incomprehensible ramblings stop dealing with you also. You don't think you're a troll. And maybe you're not. Maybe you're a Golem. Maybe 'Male is Right. Rape is Down. Women want Sex." - Are all that can fit into your mind. Maybe you've been sent out ill equipped for your mission, whatever that might be, and you shamble along, spouting out nonsense words and numbers as a distracting frustration from real and true points of discussion - topics that could use more minds mulling them over and twisting them about to be seen from many different povs.

So up to a point, you've succeeded. I hereby wash my hands of you. And I'm likely to ban you from commenting in my journal, simply because when discussion happens I want true discussion; Thinking discussion.

I point you to The Designated Sidekick's very poignant post where he manages to capture some of what I was thinking of about boys and comics and mentalities when I posted my entry. I point you directly to his wonderful phrase of 'looking for social cues'.

Perhaps DS can grunt a few phrases at you and properly translate what I and those commenting in my journal have spent almost a week trying to scrape into the thick hide organ you call your brain.

Someone else commented to my two most recent posts and I still don't agree with how they've absorbed my point or interpreted my words. But as irksome as it was to try and find common ground, they were coherent and respectful. It made a huge difference in how I perceive them and their future presence anywhere on the net.

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