Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Alive, Just Quiet

I found my 50 Things I Love About Superhero Comics from last year.

In other news - there's an image of Iron Man lifting Captain America from the waist? They're at some sort of parade. Apparently I didn't save the image on this computer or save the link I found it at. Can't find it, or even a hint that I ever commented anywhere about it.

Does anyone know it? Have it? Can point me to it?

A friend of mine doesn't believe it exists, she thinks that Cap holding an unconscious (or dead) Iron Man is the 'OMGtheirloveissohomoerotic'-est image ever. And it really isn't. There's also one I think I saw on scans daily involving IM and a Cap Shrine?


  1. *hugs you tight* I'm so glad you're ok! :D I was going to write you an email today cuz you've been so quiet :|

    :) <3

  2. I thought I saw that image on Kalinara's blog, if it's the same image, in an entry about iron dickery. Um, so to speak.

  3. There's one like that in the first issue of Young Avengers on page 7. It's a half-page panel.

  4. Eek. Somehow I missed this post! Is this the one you meant?

    (Sorry if it's too late to be useful for you. Personally, I was always amused by this one which is less homoerotic than it is flipping hilarious if you, like me, are arrested emotionally at the age of twelve. :-))

  5. Kalinara:

    Thank you. Thank you! That image had cheered me up so much PLUS it was great to see how it made my friend go 'OMG!'