Friday, October 3, 2008

Astro City: The Dark Age Pt 1

I don't know why the opinions I saw about it were all about how it disappointed and how it wasn't enough. I can't go into a whole big thing about it right now - but I liked it. I liked the fact that it shows how the mood of an era can shift things. Maybe it's easier for me to read it now than people who read it when it was current. Maybe as I look around the US and see how the mood of a country could have serious, serious stakes for the future, it's not at all difficult for me to believe that an evil mastermind plot, like any other, to frame a superhero got blown all out of proportion because the mood was right for it to be blown out of proportion.

The public wanted something to believe in and they decided they were going to believe in control and that control would take a specific form. And so it happened. And yes it's a horrible, horrible waste and it's unfair and it leaves one stunned. But it's real. Our perceptions and pre-conceptions affect the way we see the world; mood is power. After all just ask someone who struggles with depression or someone with a mental disability that involves periods of mania. Mood is power.

The mood of the polulance was dangerous, unsettled and restless. Various politicans wanted to shunt blame to someone. A target was picked and led to the slaughter.

I'm seriously intrigued as to how else the foundational moments of the Williams brothers is reflected in the mood of larger society as the tale continues.

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  1. I should drag out my ACs and reread them again soon. I'm trying to remember where things ended at...