Thursday, December 4, 2008

Warner Brothers Make Willow Unhappy

The BluRay 'The Dark Knight' has three commentary/documentary sections, including the making of the IMAX scenes - WHICH IS ALL MORE THAN WHAT'S AVAILABLE IN THE 2 DISC SPECIAL DVD EDITION

I realize all the white-collar, (bad word smoking, bad word bading, bad word) executives decided on BluRay and there was confetti and champagne and pie. But what the hell? So it's either pull out $400 dollars for a PS3 or $300 for Blu-Ray for your tv, or as an extra drive on your computer or DON'T get the majority of extras which are the reason I (and I'm thinking others) even buy for home anymore?

In this age of watching things online and torrenting, the only reason to pay money for a movie is because you actually want to support it. And I like the happy trade off of paying for something I haven't ALREADY SEEN, namely, behind the scenes documentaries and commentary which comes with a movie I have seen and liked.

Batman Begins won me over enormously for not having a commentary track by giving me an hour or so of glorious backstage footage and interviews and insights into making the movie. Now in order to get that for The Dark Knight I need to have BluRay or Bust?

WHY am I -not- supposed to just download the movie if I want to view it again? Or wait for it to come on cable with no interruptions and just tape the damn thing? Cause seriously, why spend money if I'm basically going to get something I could get off cable (that's already being paid for)?

This isn't even a rant, really. Cause I just want to grrrr and growl. Hopefully there will be an even more special, super dooper, wide-screen (the current dvd offerings are fullscreen) with an extra disc for commentary DVD offered hmm, in a month, maybe two months from now.

But it still means The Dark Knight is not something I'll be getting myself for Christmas. And if any friends of mine who DON'T know how strongly I feel about extras gets it for me - I'm likely to crush them by returning it and telling them to get their money back.

Hell, my mother bought me the theater cuts of the LOTR trilogy and it took me a damn year to even open it and that's cause I had a severe jonesing for FOTR and couldn't get anything online to stream correctly and in such a way as I could properly fall asleep to it. The extras on those suck horrendously too. Though heaven bless my mother for attempting to get me something I wanted. It's totally my fault that I couldn't find the energy to go all the way to the store franchise she got it from.

I've happily waited months and months to learn about the costuming and suit change and what it was like being back in Chicago. I don't like watching all the run up specials on tv before a movie comes out. Because that would involve watching tv and also I like being pretty damn pristine when it comes to certain movie watching experiences. And with comic book movies, you often already know the plot, so why not be unspoiled as to the new manifestation of the tale.


Crappity crap.

I don't really give a damn about even better picture quality and better sound quality. I grew up watching a black and white tv. I've shaken my milkshake to a transistor radio. As long as there's no static and the picture's not blurry and green is really green and distinct from blue - then I'm quite happy and satisfied. Heck there are some old westerns I've heard all sorts of good things about - but I'd rather wait until technology can let me make them black and white on purpose because I'd rather that than the faded colours of 70's filming. Jewel tones are what I'm still excited over. Dolby 7 channel surround sound? I thought they wanted me to go out to the movies more often, not sit around at home simply waiting for a DVD.

And 'A Digital Copy'? Someone needs to clue me in to what that's about. You can't transfer the movie you bought onto another device, but you can move this digital copy? Once? Possibly to iPod (which is proprietary) and heaven help you if you use something else? And that digtal copy will also expire after a certain point?


This is supposed to stop people downloading/torrenting shows they already own just so they can have the freedom to move them around as suits them in this age of multi-devices?


And all of this BS and graft is also why I can't have a proper device that lets me read prose, colour comics, listen to movies and music and NOT be a laptop?

< Insert More Badwords Here >

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