Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something's Happening @Photobucket

Photobucket believes the word GAY in a search automatically makes it an ADULT/SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SEARCH ATTEMPT and sends you to a warning page.

Now maybe, just MAYBE, this has something to do with the bright orange background with blue and white globe of ATT/CINGULAR on the very front page.

Or MAYBE there's been a rash of uploaded explicit pictures using the tag or keyword gay and Photobucket wants to let roaming viewers know they aren't the place to look for that stuff.*

The problem, however, is that the word gay is in the search phrases 'gay marriage', and 'gay rights' which makes Photobucket look a mite homophobic. Cause not everyone's going to sit there and do what I just did, which is:

As of 11:27pm EST, June 23, 2009 - the following search terms DO NOT bring up the warning page.

* Trans

* Transgender

* Gender

* Genderqueer

* Queer

* Homosexual

* Homo (1 immediate image marked TOS breaker)

* Dyke

* Bulldyke

* Lesbian (several immediate images marked moved or deleted)

* Fag

* Faghag

* Equal Marriage

* Queer Marriage

* Transvestite

Affected words: gay, tranny, shemale.

Login or logged out doesn't seem to matter. Now, if further on this month, or this year some of these words end up flashing an adult content warning sign - this may well be another #Amazonfail. Until then, it can't hurt to let Photobucket know we're waiting and watching - statistical data be damned.

*Brought to my attention by Kayden of Dreamwidth.org who did contact Photobucket and received a boilerplate reply.


Warning Page Text: Your search term probably relates to adult content. Photobucket DOES NOT host sexually explicit content.

Warning: If you are under 18 or live in an area where it is illegal for you to view explicit content try another search.

or... Continue your Photobucket search here