Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yes, I know Chris Sims' article is causing a stir online (look it up). Why? Well he's a white man - that's one. He's politely pointing out, that maybe perhaps even though they didn't mean it to, DC's actions come across sort of bigoted and perhaps to those who have an axe to grind, somewhat racist - that's two.

The third kicker of course is the fact that a regular, transphobic, homophobic, red blooded white man is agreeing that there's something racially short sighted in how DC does things. When someone who seems 'just like a regular white guy' sees a problem, then maybe someone should look into that.

Am I fed up with people pointing to Chris without pointing to what came before, who wrote before, who called out before? Yes. I am fed up with having to be grateful when people mention the whitewashing of Vixen? Yes. Am I fed up that someone is once again equating racism with the KKK and not with a system of aversion and subtle white preferentiality and white superiority - of course they're not racist, they're just short sighted - and that is being lauded as the best article on point? Oh hells yes.

It might be just another day ending in Y during a cycle where people want to seem like they're paying attention; or where things are just too blatant to ignore.

I am tired of it.

But I find myself more irked "And the white man shall lead us and pearls of wisdom shall fall from his mouth" - especially because he makes it so easy for individuals NOT to examine their own privilege and preferentiality.

Why, there's nothing socially twisted in their minds - they're just short sighted and nostalgic and it means NOTHING that they're nostalgic for a time period of Jim Crow laws, and lynching and wrongful experimentation because black people weren't even really human.

Nostalgia. What will they call it next?