Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Fresh BullCrap Is This?

I am currently unwell. But apparently I can still at least link.

#1. Editor of published magazine allows a copy a blog entry (on medieval cooking I might add) to be published in her magazine. Then, along with the stealing, claims tha the author should pay her for 'editing' - the internet is apparently ALL public domain. (And this editor didn't even pay attention to what she saw to notice things were in medieval spelling).

No seriously, this is a professional in the publishing industry (or at least claiming to be while receiving money) claiming that - THE INTERNET IS ALL PUBLIC DOMAIN. Read about it from the copyright infringed author here, and more commentary here

#2. DC (detective comics) has allowed an artist, an inkist, a colorist and an editior to WHITE WASH AMANDA 'The Wall' WALLER.

AMANDA WALLER - Vixenized!

Someone felt that AMANDA WALLER, would grow out her hair, put relaxer in it, put bleaching cream on her whole body. She's also now a 'Red Head' so by the standards of those privileged fans who 'didn't get it' in Dr. Who fandom - she's still a 'minority' now.

AMANDA WALLER. They've whitewashed Amanda Waller.

Could DC just be honest about it and come out and say "We don't like/want black people in our universe".

Or is it? DC doesn't like strong, meaningful black women in their universe?

ETA: If this shit has anything to do with DC movies and whitewashed casting? The fail is even deeper and more disgusting.

#3. ... DeviantArt, having removed the option for gender unspecified, has customer service representatives using the word 'hermaphrodite' without comment, and declaring that people who aren't male or female don't exist. Perhaps this explains why they also feel images representing "white power" do not violate their TOS regarding hate speech.