Friday, July 15, 2011

For The Record

Just a little head's up to the various people blah-blahing about me. I an not an African American. I am, however, African Descended. That is, I am black. Not all black people in the world are African American. There is no such thing as a British African American. Or a Swedesh African American.

It is fascinating to me, however, that attached to some mealy mouthed edict of the fact that I (and others) am/are black, there is always some following statement of "You can't talk to that one, because she's an angry 'African American' and is convinced this incident is racist and is thus now highly irrational. You know how it is.".

And yet, when many, many PoC point out "Damn, so and so is being a defensive white person. AGAIN. Not listening to reason, etc... you know how it is." It's suddenly all about hate or something something, and OMG THEY WANT TO TURN SLAVERY AROUND! WHITE OPPRESSION! THEY WANT ME TO TAKE ABUSE!

I mean, it's not confusing. Hardly. But it is fascinating. How privilege and expectations of white supremacy warp pov is very very fascinating.

Someone should do a study.