Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing For Other People

About a year ago I wrote an essay for 'Pop Culture Socia lClub'. I wrote about Legend of Korra. I mentioned it here.

I went back to it today, and discovered that my byline has disappeared. It says 'guest'. And that half the essay is missing.

I've contacted via the old email I had for who was in charge of things last year; and I'll wait and see if anyone gets back to me. But I'm thinking, given they redid the site but no one bothered to contact me to get the second half of the essay, noticed the content was missing or even cared to input MY NAME; that 'Pop Culture Social Club' doesn't really care about its guest writers. They'll have other people's content up, without credit; and horribly mangled and it's just a whatever.

So yeah, not a happy experience a year later at all.

By end of Tuesday the 18th of June, 2013; I'm going to repost my essay here, on my own site. And depending on the response I get over there? May ask for my words to be taken down.

ETA: Have heard back fro mthe original person I submitted to. The response was 'Content is still there, just been extremely busy'. Mind that they have current content up; but somehow old content isn't worth much? I have no idea. I remain displeased.