Monday, October 23, 2006

Obligatory Fic Exchange Pimping

is a threesome holiday fic exchange. It's run by aka 'The Roommate'/ 'She Who Shares Rent'/ She Who Feeds Me Soup When I'm Ill'/.

Do ya like threesomes? Do ya like writing? Do ya like fic exhanges with little red fuzzy hats? Do ya like holiday jingles? Do ya like figgy pudding? Do ya like magi burning incense?

Well then might just be for you.

You should at least check out the fandoms allowed. They've got DCverse as an option. Think Diana, Dinah and Barb should go on aventures? Have you suddenly got the urge to see Dick Grayson in the middle of a Koriand'r / Kara sandwhich?

Someone might just write it for you!

Someone else out there might want something kinky with Oreos involving Jonn Jonzz, Booster and Blue Beetle. Or better yet, JL/JLU Jonn Jonzz singing at Christmas on the Kent Farm with Clark/Kal-El and some yet to be picked third!

And now's your chance to write for them!



Ok, I'm done now.

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