Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reason for the Quiet

I've been ill. It's going into week two now and I'm still slowly recovering. Which means I haven't been out and about to read/collect comics and TPBs to read. So it's been mostly me lying down on a couch or in my bed reading novels or staring non-sensically at flashing colors on the tv screen.

My loathing for how Nickelodeon conducts the airings of Avatar: The Last Airbender continues. My confusion at finally getting my hands on an Amalgam (DC/Marvel twined universed) comic is only slowly fading - I read it while I was sick and I was sorely disappointed at the lack of any sense. I mean, it's a comic a visual medium. Why tell when the whole dymanic is supposed to be one of show? If someone blows a cloudy puff of air at something and in the next panel the object they blew at is frozen then -DUH-, freeze breath. You don't have to tell me. Save the space for actual story.

I guess the point was they didn't have an actual story, just a whole bunch of 'OMG SO KEWL' concepts.

I remain disappointed.

I look forward to feeling better and hopefully collecting some books that no doubt have been waiting for me, on Monday. I want more Astro City. Astro City makes it all better. [ TARNISHED ANGEL = YAKBM ] Of course I have no idea when, how, I could ever write my own comic. So hopefully that inspiraction from them will pass as I get stronger and less filled with viral ick.

*Yet Another Kurt Busiek Masterpiece

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