Monday, December 17, 2007

I have found the SQUEE!

I am reading Excalibur.

1. Dazzler kicks people in the face!

2. Dazzler's eyes glow when she's pissed.

3. Light explosions.

4. Dazzler kicks ass, takes names and then KICKS PEOPLE IN THE FACE!

5. Evil dudes call her Brightengale and Songbird and then SHE KICKS THEM IN THE FACE.

Are you seeing a theme? Are you? Are you?!

Also, there's two panels of Harry Potter reference that just cracks me up into a giggle pile of already happy squee.

I almost don't quite care that Sage looks like some sort of Librarian Dominatrix Fetish Dream.

Juggernaut's a good guy! Nocturne's part of the main physical reality. And Dazzler KICKS PEOPLE IN THE FACE!

C'mon Photons!

I need to own this in tradepaperback.

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