Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wanda. Pietro. Ultimate Incest

Mutant Royalty. Weird effed up childhood. Having no one but each other. And Magneto's their dad.

Then again I have a soft spot for Greek Mythology as well as the concept of 'Us Against The World'. What I'm more concerned about is was bringing it out of the subtext closet done to make Pietro's anguish seem deeper? Can we trust the writer(s) to show emotional depth with it? Is it going to be more than;

- No she can't be, I would know!

- She was the only one who wanted/trusted/understood me! Arrgh!

- Is there the possibility that SW will somehow return to the scene kicking ass because someone dared tried to separate them?

In other thoughts: Ultimate Wiccan and Speed could be so interesting now.

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