Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Small Post

... of giggles, squiggles, and joy.

Just found MightyGodKing's Speculative Fiction Photoshopped Retitles. I'm very pleased to discover I have not been imagining this one one book/series in particular. And that there was a very solid reason I couldn't find it.

It's kind of hard as a kid (and even as an adult really) to say.

"I'm looking for Asshole Leper Hero Finds Fantasy Land".

Just mentioned to Karen (GRC) and she pointed out that some people would have tried. And I realized I have actually failed like a fish one time and feel very blessed that the talented librarians at Central know me by face at least and thus know what I tend to read. It also helped that I knew which shelf I thought I'd picked it up. In the end, the cover was recognized, the author was found and I got book two.

But while I'm very comfortable talking about horse protagonists 'Asshole Leper Hero'... just... as true as it might be. I couldn't see myself saying it. Especially since I wasn't sure if that was my personal impression or not.

Now to find out (within the next year) if Stephen R. Donaldson was as interesting as I'd thought.

About me: Still working on my NaNo. Still avoiding a whole host of people and bs online concerning 'the black community'. And quite frankly, trying not to loathe the rest of you. Or at least not think up recipes for you.

PS - I am curious about the red vomiting Red Lanterns though and if anyone else is as interesting as 'Ruffles'.


  1. Important note: I thought about reading Donaldson at some point. Until I learned the "hero" of the series rapes a girl at the beginning of the book and then she follows him around like a puppy...

    You couldn't pay me to read them now...

    Also hopefully this isn't spamming your inbox as I try to get the damn thing to post...

  2. Lurker:

    I have apparently blocked out the rape. I saw it mentioned in MGK's comments and came up blank. All I can remember is thinking that that it seemed like the first realistic 'Dropped In Fantasy Land' that I'd read. I can't even remember how old I was when I read it - which is possibly why I'm curious to read it again.

    Obviously, I'd given up on finding it and not reading it wasn't ruining my world. But I am very aware that it helped shape my views on character/action and motivations - even if I can't remember why.