Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hey Venus! Move Your Lard Ass!

If it's not one thing, it's another. The other in this case; someone notices something a little creepy with classics reproductions.

As a commenter put in there - it is very much like the human ideal is no longer really human. Combine this with my realization of how distended and distorted photoshop manipulation makes women in magazine ads etc and it's an attack all around on what is human. Forget about beauty - it's what. is. human.

And for once I'm not going to roll my eyes at the men wanting to point out pressure on them. Because it's not side-tracking this conversation. 300 - CGI six packs. Apparently action hero toys are getting more ridiculously muscled as well. Granted at the same time, there are also movies like Mallcop where a man who is not sporting a CGI sixpack, even remotely, gets the common era 'pretty white girl'. So there is some second option for men. Except of course, I'm guessing, that it means if you're not the heroic champion who can wear a leather speedo you'd better damn well be loveable, humorous, willing to self-mock and thought of as cuddly.

Heavens help the misanthrope male with a potbelly.

And all combined together, too thin, or too muscular, our eyes (the general public) begin to look at those who are disabled as even more removed from what we now consider (or are told to consider) the norm.

The wheelchair bound woman with biceps to die for, muscled upper body - is far far removed from stick thin waifishness with cantaloupe breasts. The bookish man with an ankle and knee brace and a cane, is a far far cry from CGI six-packs AND a remove away from those muscled wheelchair bound, no pain no game players who had that movie made about them a little while back (the movie name will come to me eventually).

Of course, I write this and realize I have no mental pictures at all of PoC Disabled individuals. So there's a smack of invisibility even in the face of history being erased and reformed and thinnedimproved.

Now I need to research PoC Differently Abled Athletes to feed my brain.


  1. I think the movie you want is Murderball? The one about parapalegics who play full contact rugby?



    Great, now even our works of art have to be modified to fit this unrealistic idea of what "women should look like" >:O


    I'm rly angry and upset now >:| I'm alrdy surrounded by CGI chars, comic figures and even the posters of heroic female chars on my walls, that tell me women should not have hips, any sort of fat, and our stomachs should be flat as boards with no pudge at all (thank goodness for the She-Hulk figure I have that has that tho! :D )

    rawr :\

    sry for the rant :\