Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Something Happy For 2009

My Dad remembering how much I liked watching Wonder Woman when I was a little girl. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm not sure he remembered how much I also liked Bionic Woman. But the WW shared memory was warm and fuzzy. I like hearing tales of wee, opinionated little me. It helps remind me that I have a central core.

Other happy things? My siblings got me to watch Iron Man. No, it wasn't really for me. Those who warned me against it were right. But I did enjoy watching them watch it. I enjoyed hearing my siblings debate it while watching it. I enjoyed knowing my sister got it for my brother as his holiday present and that he got her The Dark Knight. I also enjoyed him realizing he got his sisters confused when he got his presents and realized I'm the Batman fan among his siblings. Not like my sister was going to give up her present - oh hecks no.

I enjoyed hearing how my sister's totally into anime now and she just about squealed with joy at getting anime for the holidays and she has a friend who draws anime. And... did I mention my sister's started to write? Can you imagine my pride and joy at her writing out her own adventures? You probably can't, but I don't care - it makes me that happy.

Being able to share my love of comics and animation with my siblings and my Dad puts a nice start to 2009. Now I have to look up animated adventures to get them so the littlest one doesn't have to keep covering his eyes at gory violence. Someone mentioned Marvel Adventures Spiderman (he's a Peter Parker fanatic - I chortle with glee. GLEE I tell you!)

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