Friday, January 4, 2008

Blogger Irks Me - Come I Tell You Why

I think I'm enjoying having blogger. But I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it because I'm enjoying have a really pretty banner and being the hell away from livejournal or if I'm enjoying it for itself. The latter begins to seem more and more unlikely.

I've just discovered that it's a hack to make an expandable post. There is no simple insert this little bit of code here.


I'm already dealing with not being able to have one user side client to post entries and edit them - when I try to edit the time gets all messed up when using segmagic.

And re-labelling / re-tagging all my posts is taking a while because I have to do them individually and re-check etc, and blah blah.


This is grump making, especially when it comes to hosting the PoC Carnival, which tends to be extremely long without cuts.

Suddenly it looks as if I may move again and host SA on Scribblit. Because this is more than my having to learn new skills, this is something that makes it extra effort for me to get my content out the way I'd prefer.

1 comment:

  1. I defintely feel your pain about the not being able to cut posts without this giant mass of hacking that I haven't been able to get working yet :(