Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mephisto's Watching

I just caught two scans amongst the blogsphere going WTF Deal With the Devil?! And I find myelf wondering... Is the revived Harry Osborne really Mephisto in disguise?

Also that interaction between May and Peter - Did he just call his 70something Aunt cute? And kiss her over the shoulder? Is there going to be some weird incestuous thing where Peter keeps responding to May like she's MJ?

If Peter suddenly starts downloading porn with redheads and wanking furiously, maybe the whole storyline will make more sense? Maybe the marriage dissolution ret-con will really be about Peter's Soul.

All that'd be needed next is for May to be a closet painkiller addict (she is old and somewhat fragile).

Everybody fall into vice Dance Now!

ETA: This is gold. Comic Editors are nothing but politicians trying to play all sides down the middle. I still think Aunt May the drug fiend, and Peter Parker the Porno Poker are better ideas though.

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  1. *checks post date*

    Shoot, your post pre-dates my calling Harry = Teh Devil on scans_daily. Obviously you have a limited time machine which you used after I publicly outed Teh Devil. Its the only thing that makes sense...