Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reasons I Don't Like You

"there are some bad people in that place, and he's going to be exposed to things he's never seen."

Kill a gay man - get three years in prison. ONLY three years.

AND have your family have the fucking nerve to say shit like that and be listened to.

Day in, day out, black teenagers get in similar positions and it is NEVER reasonable that jail will do more harm than good to them. It is NEVER reasonable that they might need substance abuse counseling vs incarceration.

(1) Prisoners of the War on Drugs

(2) Prison Town: Paying the Price

(3) Prisoners of a Hard Life: Women and Their Children

So how's the future looking right now? Well apparently it's close to some combination of Jennifer Government and A Handmaid's Tale.

I never thought the concept of 'a jury of your peers' could be so fucking disgusting.

America's War on The Non White/Non Mainstream Other.



  1. o

    this is absolutely disgusting D: And the whole "omg put a nice white boy in prison? THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE. Think of the harm it would do to him!"

    It's not like he was a person of colour or a transwoman being put into a male prison! Then it'd be a-ok! No harm to worry about there!


    oh and yahoo mail is down so I can't reply to your email right now :(

  2. After this, I'm not surprised at the 'zomg my delicate boy cant go to prison!11!!'