Monday, June 30, 2008

Sh*t D*mn M*therb**tet

Apparently PLATINUM STUDIOS is prodding, poking, asking questions, seeking to negotiate to acquire one WOWIO.COM.

I am not pleased.

Wowio is currently down as they prepare to go global. At least that's what the splash page says as explanation as to why I can't catch up on my downloads at the moment. The thought of Wowio being acquired by another company fills me with distrust.

Wowio is just starting out. It's just beginning to see the possibilities for what it's offering. There are so many ways it can go and it's on the front lines carving out the frontier. Becoming a subsidiary just leaves me thinking of no more essays or critical works or magazines or comics from competitors or web comics or indies or non comic / non graphic novel works.

I feel Wowio should remain Wowio and if Platinum Studios wants to get into the digital trade it should bloody well create it's own. Wowio helped me smile about comics again after a year where my only solution, in order to maintain sanity was to walk away from the big Two and take several steps back from Image too.

It seems as if something can't have even a droplet of success online before a bigger company shows up to eat it. Yes they call it buying out, but it feels more like eating/absorption and shitting out of waste. Has Yahoo done ANYTHING with Delicious? Anything at all? No.

Google's been sitting on Jaiku for a while now. And yes, it is Google and Google tends to make things work. But still, Jaiku's been sitting and people have been left waiting.

I had 350 plus items on my Wowio Queue before I moved. There were a lot of comics but there were also a fair amount of novels and documentary style texts; thoughts on serial killers for example or an examination into myths. I hadn't yet touched the essays and magazines/articles.


It likely doesn't help that there's very little about Platinum Comics I enjoy. There's maybe one Platinum title on my Queue and I keep bumping it down anyway.

ETA: Ok this shit right here about how Platinum Studios have messed up paying an artist is NOT giving me good thoughts about the future of Wowio and the creators who were previously getting $.50 a download. Nor am I feeling good about what consumers/readers will be getting if they have to deal with someone whose reputation is besmirched like that. Cause WTF???

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  1. The classiest bit about the Platinum/Coffman split is that they blame HIM for any bad press and thats why they dragged paying him what he was owed. I used to follow Coffman's webcomic and still spot him in various online forums/blogs. Dude has been supportive of Platinum long PAST where I ever would have...

    And this is not a guy known for his sense of tact and politeness...

    I haven't really gotten into WOWIO, but I know you and several other online friends have been big on it. And a lot of the webcomics I follow have been using it to put up archive books instead of paper printing of late. Hopefully this Platinum buy-out doesn't go anywhere. Or maybe it will attract the attention of a DECENT publisher looking to invest...