Friday, June 27, 2008

Like Ink On The Funny Pages...

Like a comic book or soap opera, this past weekend I had an event occur in my life that leans towards momentous. And some of what happened is relevant enough for me to post here.

My parents are divorced and I've always known that was a good thing. My parents were doing a 'War of the Roses' way before the movie and with far more friction. So with that kind of animosity, there have been looooooong stretches in my life where I didn't have contact with my other parent.

I spent the whole of Monday with my Dad. It's likely what I'd have dreamed up if some Superman interstellar villain threw that black tentacly plant on my chest.

When we got to talking about comics, I discovered that according to my Dad, I hunted out Batman comics on my own. He read to me from Marvel - he liked them best. And it turns out the reason I've always known so much about the X-men is because he read me those.

Dear Marvel, please stop fucking up. You have so much potential to bring generations together if only you didn't treat continuity like a solo sex soaked skcuzy sock that gets tossed into the bottom of the laundry hamper.

Anyway, I turned my Dad onto Wowio.Com and the indies there. I can't wait until Wowio finishes their website clean-up (they're going global) and re-opens mid-July. There are definitely some things I'd like to share with my Da.


  1. :)

    *hugs* I'm rly rly rly happy for you. Also it is real and not a black mercy induced dream! :D Ami is here to say so :)

    Also it's rly cute your dad read to you from X-men when you were young :D

    *moar hugs* :)

  2. The Tentacly plant thing is the "Black Mercy."

    It's actually Green and Purple.


    I'm such a geek.