Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not A Porcelain Doll

Click click, the falling dominoes; the ripple affect of inspiration, continues.

There's a new Carnival about to carve a place for itself. The first Asian Women Blog Carnival. [Deadline: April 3 2009]

And there will be so much to talk about, I think. Kelly Hu promoting Obama, and how other Asian Pacific, specifically Asian Hawaiian women feel about the new President springs instantly to my mind. But there's also Asian Women in works of Joss Whedon; Asian Women right now in DOLLHOUSE - so ok, maybe my pov is a little SF specific, aside from current politics.

But I'm not an Asian Woman - I'm just interested in what they have to say about themselves, to themselves, with themselves. So I invite any who may currently be reading SA to check out the link and see if it's something they (you) would consider contributing to and reading.

I plan to shut up and listen when I'm not actively promoting, cause I applaud those who hack out the space and say "This is the conversation I want to have!".

Now I leave you with a piece by a group pointed out to me by an Asian Female Acquaintance (whom I hope in the future becomes a good friend).

Yellow Rage: Def Poetry Jam

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