Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hmm Smells Like Cripsy Asshole

Ahh, looks like people are going to have to be real persuasive here next time I ask about webcomics, but specifically comics - indie or otherwise, cause me being pointed to things like Rainbow Wars or The Kitty Red Lantern of Rage? Not happening anymore.

Scans_Daily helped me get back into comics and now, well, Peter David got emo brainhurt and now Scans_Daily rests with the fishes.

Is there anyone who writes in mainstream superhero comics who isn't a ginormous, ego stroking asshole?

Dear Peter David,

When I tell you 'Die In A Fire', I do so because I don't want to use sex as an insult or phrase revolving around my disgust and anger with you. Fucking is fun, and it shouldn't be used to tell people to go deflate their heads. Also, rape is serious and also shouldn't be used to go tell people to deflate their heads.

Now I'm going to imagine you happily roasting to bits in a fire (LIKE BACON)- cause really, my personal fantasy tv, isn't something you can censor (though you can complain). Much like I can complain, but can't censor your skanky race and gender issues.


Note:Peter David + Reporting To Marvel + Scans Daily Goes Poof. I do not know if he was directly or indirectly responsible (or responsible at all).... I just smell bacon. Oh the power of my imagination. I don't even know what the asshole looks like, but in my mind? Oh the sickly sweet scent of burning flesh.


  1. For the moment, the comm seems to have resurrected itself at
    They've started an internal discussion about how to make sure that posts limit the number of pages to fall within fair use so that it doesn't happen again.

  2. I think the comm seemed to be doing a pretty good job about page limits. Being stricter, however, is up to the mods and how they want to handle potential problems.

    But I saw PAD's 'You're threatening me' thread. And I've since been linked to his "I know Newsarama is about promoting comics, but if I so much as breathe a word about what's coming, it'll spoil/ruin things".

    That mixed with 'I intend to triple this comics sales', seems to me like control issues. PAD didn't like people telling other people what was going on in his comic. And claiming that a couple of pages was the entire (22 or whatever) pages of the issue is bullshit.

    I'm going to give my PAD books to the library next week, however. Because this is just the cherry on top of his 'Well who gets to use the word n*gger' and 'If you touch a hot stove'.

    He can join the pile or writers I lost respect for during Racefail 09 - The SF Community.