Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Update (also Webcomics)

I've been messing with my links, trying to group things clearer and also make as neatly as possible some neon signs about what my space here is. Added some links yesterday to The Painted World; which lists some webcomics I follow.

And I'm thinking of doing a general review of Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire. Because I not only enjoy the comic, but slow me, it's just hit me that, because of the Orcs in the storyline, it'd be kind of topical now. :)

If you've got webcomics reccs of your own to share with me, please do. It's a nice way to recharge in the midst of Racefail-09. And I'm discovering that the world of webcomics is breathlessly broad. People tackle all sorts of things in all sorts of ways. I've been sucked into a couple slice of life types that if I'd seen them in a store, I'd never have picked them up at all.

I still want more digitally available comics. And I'd near stab someone for a full colour digital comics portable reader (I am not impressed with Kindle 2.0). But I could see myself spending the $20+ on webcomic trades quite easily. I'd know what I was getting for one thing, and these are stories I'd enjoy re-reading tremendously. I'm currently thinking of going back to 'First Page' for GOBLINS, just for the comfort rush.

ETA: My interests clarified

[PS: Thanks, Lurkerwithout, looking at your recc now. Two pages in and I'm very intrigued.]


  1. I'd suggest El Goonish Shive, Girl Genius, Minus (complete), Dresden Codak, Order of the Stick, Something Positive, Misfile, and maybe Shortpacked and Sinfest.

  2. Onion-slime:

    I do read Girl Genius (thanks to a previous request post), Something Positive, Misfile and Sinfest. I perhaps should have clarified directly long arc speculative fiction web comics. I'm most interested in those.

    The slice of life ones, tend to need a hook - usually about being some sort of minority; mental health, gay issues, race.

    I tried Dresden Codak - and truthfully, I felt both confused, had no clue where to start, and as if I wasn't intelligent or geeky enough to understand what it was trying to do. Is there a study guide somewhere?

  3. I don't know of any such guides, no. I read it with a couple of friends so we puzzle it out with our shared knowledge (which is the fun part). Fortunately, between google and people conversing about it on IRC I've mostly been able to keep up. Except for this latest storyline. That one lost me.

    Oh! Have you tried Gunnerkrigg Court? Or Drowtales?

  4. . . . And I just realized that there is a link to Gunnerkrig Court in the sidebar. >_>;

  5. It's not rly a webcomic but I read it online, but I rly like Yenny :D Cuz she wants to be a model and she has giant feet and she's rly sweet and nice and bad things happen to her but she keeps on truckin :D

  6. I dun personally like DD tho cuz of the rape storyline and stuff relating to that that is rly triggering for me :(

  7. OnionS:

    I looked over Minus last night and enjoyed it very much - Thank You.

  8. I think Ami means Dominic Deegan. Sadly Minus had finished up last I checked and was just rerunning strips, similar to what "Narbonic" is doing...

  9. Lurker:

    Yeah, Ami commented before I left, but I hadn't published it yet.

  10. Ami:

    My first thought was actually 'What rape?'. And I sat for a while thinking, and then I realized you were likely talking about that subplot among the series' Orcs.

    I think the fact that it was so far in the back of my mind, I'd forgotten it shows how I dealt with it. I admit that I do like how it was handled - that I didn't see it minimized. But yes, likely very triggery.

    Currently on the forefront of my mind, is how exactly the racial subplots and subtext is going to be handled - especially since the Orcs have been redrawn to look even less human (changed noses/snots).