Sunday, March 8, 2009

Be A Midwife!

I suggested earlier than people sell the books they no longer want and use the money to support VERB NOIRE. I haven't had chance to do that myself, but when it is done I will be contributing here.

While their modest start-up goal has been reached, any new business will come across unforseen expenses. I say if you want to donate and can donate then donate. Help Verb Noire be born.

If the last three months have done anything, it has been to show the need and hunger for For Us, By Us Fiction; the want of fiction and contemporary mythology by PoC. I am still going to start using the term: Non White Futurism & Fantasy.

I am also thinking about using the term Chromatic Alternate Realities (all recognition for the title 'Chromatic Realities' goes to Zvi_likes_tv)

I'm unsure if I still want to do a Summer Ficathon, when it might be best to encourage people to contribute works to . Maybe Chromatic Derivatives might be a better example; fan fiction of current works set with majority or all PoC characters. I'll think about it.

But for now?

Happy Birthday, Verb Noire. We're all excited to meet you.
Welcome to Earth.


  1. I'm so excited over this! I donated already and I plan to do so in the future. This is something I've been waiting for.

    I rather like the term Non White Futurism & Fantasy. I may just borrow that. *g*

  2. Bridget:

    A term needs to be used to get into the mainstream. Plus, I won't be the only one using it then :)

  3. Oh, wow, something I've been waiting for and didn't even realize it. I'm so tired of default white middle class SF/Fantasy. Diversity is what it's all about. I'm checking it out right now.