Sunday, March 1, 2009

Authors Behaving Badly - 09 (Continued)

ETA: So rejecting a whole bunch of anonymous comments to my last post without reading them (how very PAD of me), after the first accuses me of wishing PAD evil, as if I have the magical power to do anything to him at all, I mean talk about magical thinking. I state here 1) I'm objecting to PAD's conduct on one thread, that I read, regarding the term DIAF, 2) I'm objecting to PAD's skanky ass race issues exposed on his blog. Authors behaving badly seems to be a theme of 2009.

If he had anything whatsoever to do with a community closing down, it's but the cherry on top of him finding ways to show his ass.

I'm not the poster he had issues with, which would be apparent if y'know the comm still existed. I'd also be able to link to the thread in question, making my original post more clear - if the comm still existed. But it doesn't. Maybe the suspension will be lifted, however, and I'll be able to clear that up. But who knows.

I am curious, however, if the emphasis of the comments that are pro PAD are all about 'not showing bits of a copyrighted work without the author's permission' at all, vs perhaps people having a looser definition of fair use than the law might apparently be; then I'm guessing that a community where people write up full summaries of what's happened in various books, with notes on the art (for comic books) and prompting discussion about the ridiculousness of plot points or 'surprises' or how gloriously cool a particular a bit of character depiction was, or how the author is obviously on special fairy crack, would such a comm also be counted as a group of people purposely setting out to hurt an author?

Because if I'm to be vilified for whether or not I participated in such a group - I'd like to be vilified for something I actually do - by an author (or their fans) I actually mock.

Of course, when I say I'm curious, it doesn't mean I want to have a conversation with a legion of 'pro fans' who can't imagine that in order to stay sane I regularly imagine a ton of people (particularly white people) roasting in a fire.

Funny isn't it, how easily the term entitlement gets thrown around when it comes to some things, and yet the moment someone brings up white privilege aka white entitlement a whole bunch of white people turn stupid, cock their heads to the side and go 'But privilege? Entitlement? What is that? Huh....?'.

PS: If I've got the magical ability to wish PAD actual ill by the way, with the phrase DIAF, then the political cartoonist at the NY Post, and his depiction of a murdered simian quite obviously was about wishing harm on the POTUS. Or do only white folks get to determine what their words/actions/art actually mean?

PPS: Also, all you anonymous folks that like to tell people to go get ass raped or like to tell female comic fans to go get raped? I suggest you have a moment of pause.