Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More On Curses

Your WTF Rocketship is waiting. Get on it and get the hell off my planet.


Oddly enough it is not giving a damn about the feelings of David or Stross that has led me to find this phrase. It was being reminded, via the personal stories going on about RaceFail of how much a death wish has hurt the Orcing Hordes; Non White Peoples. And how it has hurt Allies(those who recognize white privilege - and who have sometimes been labelled race traitors and polluters. Or more recently; manipulated, emotionally fragile white people).


WTF Spaceship Is Calling You Home.

WTF Handbasket To Hell

WTF Motorcycle Drive Off WTF Pier Into WTF Ocean of Tears.

I think that might distinguish clearly enough that I find someone to not be part of my reality or my concept of humanity and I want them gone, without particularly wishing them harm.

Do I take back the words I've used? No. They expressed how I felt. How I still feel. I've simply found better words, to me/for me, to explain my emotions.

And now I go to enjoy the rest of my Birthday.


  1. Little Light sometimes asks dumbasses if they're from the moon. I find this stunningly satisfying.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Violet & Saranga:

    Thank you :)

    I should probably have thought over adding birthday news to this post. It's a little sudden twist of topic.

  3. I dunno. Birthdays do arrive suddenly, it seems. We're never really prepared for them, unless we're 5 and cannot stand being 5 one more day and are counting the hours until we are 6.

    Felicidades on Your Day!

    Love, C.

  4. Happy birthday from a new lurker!

    And I love the new phrases. <3

  5. Al-Zorra & Hokuton-Punch:

    Thank you for your birthday well wishes.

  6. I'm glad you don't take your words back, no matter how they've attempted to shame you into doing so.

    I hope you had a great birthday.

  7. I'm just now stepping into Authors Behaving Badly 09, and I just wanted to tell you how refreshed I am by your candid and clear voice throughout this, despite the pain you've endured.

    I also love how you've re-appropriated "orc." Orcs are awesome :)