Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Is What I See


Crazy.........have you tried seeking help ? your rage issues may be helped with therapy, no offence , but you see race issues where there are none, you are one of those horrible people of colour who have so little in their lives that you need to cling to the race issue like its still relevant.


This is the kind of bullshit I have to deal with every day. The kind of bullshit I had to deal with all through my schooling. This is the kind of crackerass bullshit that led to people putting Obama's face on a monkey, putting that image on a t-shirt, and selling it.

And then, then you have the gall to say shit like 'But each individual's story is relevant and should be told, that's not the easy answer. Share your pain'.

You have the gall to say shit like 'But why didn't I see you there' while ignoring the blinders in your own eyes.

I've been kidding, a bit, and saying since the middle of RaceFail V.1 that I've felt like I'm going backwards compared to Malcolm X's life, from his realizations in Mecca towards his speeches and flashes of clarity as a member of the Nation of Islam.

And hell if I haven't arrived and gone even further back to certain moments in prison.

I don't know what Anonymous wanted that comment to do to me or how they wanted me to feel. I just know that I currently feel there's no point talking or educating American /British Non-Caribbean white folk. And if the Caribbean mixed folk and paler fail me too, I don't know what I'll do - though there'll be comfort in the fact that most of them will be related to me eventually, if I go far enough back, which makes it different. I can call on a family elder to deal with them.

No, I'm not looking at Anonymous as an exception. Not after Patricia Wrede. Not after Lois McMaster Bojold. Not after PNH and TNH and Peter David. Not after the EB's and their poison spitter WS (whom they happily hold to their bosoms while telling the public "But he's really a nice guy.") Not after Cramer and her vileness. Not after William Sanders. Not after Luke/Igor and the disgusting, putrid, foul revelations of his mind. Not after Amanda Marcotte. Not after Seal Press.

If you're white and you want to come and tell me in comments how you're not like Anonymous - then go deal with them. DEAL WITH YOUR OWN. Clean up your own house. Because people like Anonymous are who are representing you in public dialogue; here on the internet, and also on tv.

People like Anonymous are ignoring the crosses burned on their neighbour's lawns, and the little girls accosted by police officers in front of their own homes, or in their school cafeterias. People like Anonymous are convinced that Jena is a safe and pleasant town.

The policeman who shot an unarmed man in the back, on the platform of a BART station on January 1st? He's someone like the Anonymous Commenter.

All those white people in California who were all in the streets, and on blogs, and in comments, and on tv, and on the radio about how "We know who to blame because Prop 8 passed." - all relatives of the Anonymous Commenter.

The schools that threaten and or expel black students with braided hair or locs? They're related to the Anonymous Commenter.

My point is, white people like the Anonymous Commenter are everywhere. Don't tell me I have no right to suspect that you are just another one like him or her.

Arguing with me, will not change my mind.


Until then, you're just another Anonymous Honkey and I want nothing to do with you. You wanted my story? You wanted my pain? There it is.

I See Blue Eyed Devils.