Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 More Authors Be - You Know The Drill

Granted, it's Harlan Ellison being Harlan Ellison; a racist, misanthropic, asswipe who feels he's G-d's gift to SF and therefore untouchable. Which I suppose is a redundant description since really, all I need to say is 'Harlan Ellison'. Y'know 'I grab a woman's breasts at an awards ceremony and then act affronted when people go WTF Harlan Ellison where is your home training? - Ellison.

Apparently, like so many authors on the internet (y'know, Anne Rice, LKH, Bear) he can't stand the thought that people call out his dumb shit. So now, he's retreated to his tower and called out his minions fans minions to 'Do something about' the NWA.

Yeah, he said that.

The person he's calling that? K.T. Bradford. Her graceful response is here.

The part that I find actually hateful, is his clueless white man privilege in claiming 'I can't be a jackass with racist tendencies because I helped Octavia Butler - so there!'. Like Ellison wasn't a gatekeeper in an industry Butler wanted to do well in. Like black people don't have to deal with racist, privileged jackasses all the time, with a smile, so they can get something done. Like Octavia Butler, having been one of the three names white people invoke to claim SF isn't exclusionary can't rest in peace now, she's got to be dragged out to protect white men (who haven't even bothered trying to find a new and LIVING shield for their shenanigans).

Yeah I know it's Harlan Ellison, it's like pissing in the wind to point out he's being Harlan Ellison. But I can wash my clothes and take a shower. I've been doing that since January when this year's spectacular inauguration wtf kicked off in SF Racefail.