Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wonder Woman's Lacks

Things I am tired of. I am tired of Circe vs Wonder Woman. Yes, I know I stopped reading DC (and Marvel). But something possessed me to look up images of WW on Deviant Art. There was good stuff. There was also an over abundance of softcore porn and raunchiness and abject and total male gaze wherein she looked anything but a strong warrior. I'm not sure if it was just made up to look official or not, but one image had a cover like scene, with her behind Batman.

And that was the blaze to set an explosion, metaphorically, in my mind.

I love Batman, but Diana would not be behind him. Beside him, yes. But not behind.

Which led to me thinking about Diana's enemies. Batman has 'The Joker', like Superman has 'Lex Luthor'. But they both have an entire gallery of ne'er do wells. Diana has Circe and Ares. That's it. That's all I've ever seen. No matter what happens, it all eventually spins back to Circe and Ares.

Perhaps there is some executive decision somewhere that states that Diana, Princess of Thymascaria, The Wonder Woman, cannot have more enemies than Circe and Ares, with Cheetah as some kind of local, C level bonus round.

Clayface, Ras As Gul, Killer Croc, The Riddler, Penguin, Rupert Thorne, various mobsters of Gotham - that's a list straight out of my head as I write this. No checking Wikipedia. That's what hits me when I think of Batman. And yep, I totally forgot Catwoman.

Toyman (is he a shared villain?), Metallo, That 5th Dimension Pest whose name I can't remember to spell, Zod (when he's around), Darksied (when he's alive/around) - I'm trying to remember comic villains and not just Superman: The Animated Series villains. But that's my list, off the top of my head of Superman bad guys that do not include Lex Luthor.

Ok, Ares, Circe, Cheetah, andThe Silver Swan - for Wonder Woman. But I don't think there's been an update on The Silver Swan in a while. But where's the savy business mogul, of perhaps a cosmetics industry or fashion magazine who doesn't like what WW has to say about empowerment and make-up and following the crowd? I mean that's a superficial villain at best, yes. But why hasn't it happened? More than once if it has actually happened.

Why doesn't WW go up against magic consistently? Batman can't do magic. Superman sure as heck is vulnerable to magic. Why isn't that WW's domain as part of the Trinity? Why isn't she dealing with modern manifestations of ancient powers? Why isn't there a nice crossover between her and Batman where she's called to help because Gotham's Gargoyles have come to life (the city's supposed to be heaped on top of malevolent and festering magics, right). And it's ancient power leaked from between the worlds and not something Jason Blood has an easy answer to?

Why doesn't WW fight Monsanto a corporation that's perverting nature while crushing farmers under mountainous debt? Why isn't she using her presence and influence to advocate for investigations into their business practices? Why isn't she showing up unexpectedly and stopping them from harassing farmers, throwing people off land they'd owned for generations?

Why isn't WW helping her universe's version of Fiji and their fight to have fresh water, against corporate interest that bully their government?

Yes, Superman takes a certain tact because he doesn't want to be portrayed as a benevolent alien dictator. But Wonder Woman has/had a mission. She's a product of ancient gods. She's a humanitarian ambassador from a more evolved (philosophically, scientifically, magically) civilization that's NATIVE TO EARTH. Why aren't there WW embassy buildings all over the world?

Why haven't other Amazons joined her cause to help humanity and become staff to those embassies?

Why isn't Wonder Woman a movement?

Why aren't her enemies the political rulers/dictators of various countries? Perhaps in league with shadow councils of their native cultures and gods?

For the record, if Wonder Woman was a movement as well as a person, Amazons Attack - having people barging into women's shelter's would have made a lot more sense. Y'know, if they were Wonder Woman Rehabilitation Centers or Education Clinics etc.

My respect for Kurt Busiek grows and grows, because I've just remembered that's kind of what he did for Winged Victory.

Apparently what I should do is think of a good name for an archetype and write my own damn stories (I'm not giving a damn about traditional avenues of publishing) - because damn, I'm fed up with spits and starts of writers who don't have any idea what to do with her; whether or not their cluelessness is compounded by editorial fiat.

And my Amazing Warrior Princess won't have to pick a thong out of her behind.

PS: I heard about the new status quo vis Gail Simone. You do not want to hear my opinion on it. It gets ugly.