Thursday, July 23, 2009

PROOF! We Are Not A Monolith (& stuff)

Digital Femme gets all excited about Blackest Night. Her descriptions turn me the eff off. I found myself going:

"Is this supposed to be happening in the same universe and time frame as Batwoman and New Krypton?" and rethinking my urge to buy those trades - cause I don't want to see any of Blackest Night splashed around, even if I buy those two second hand or something.

I'm also (not just like DF) in that I'm not likely to read just for spectacle. New Krypton and Detective Comics (with Batwoman) are nibbling at me because they intrigue me about characters. I'm very much a character girl (what with being that crazy woman walking around thinking 'What Would Batman Do' and then doing it).

On the flip side, Marvelverse? I don't even care anymore. It's kind of scaring me. I imagine myself hearing that Monica or Allison has been killed off and my instant reaction is - well, guess I'll start writing fanfiction.

Oh the X-men went all evil and/or got blown up? - That's sad.

They castrated Beast? - Was he even using that body part? Eh. Whatever.

Scott Summers has become Emma Frost's boytoy sex slave and has been mind whammied? - Eh, hopefully they won't need to revive Jean from the dead so someone can slap Frost down for that.

Ok, maybe the last one has a little bit of caring from me. What with the whole 'slapping down' but I'm not inclined to want to see it, so I'm thinking it counts under the 'Meh'.