Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Like An Open Letter

Dear Karen Healey,

You are a credit to your race. The fact that you can understand self-identification, white privilege, the after image affects of white colonialization, and several other aspects of race theory and the fight for social justice and equality is amazing. And it says to me that your parents were also credits to Caucasoids everywhere.

I've been most impressed by your ability to empathize as well as to access and analyze critical information and recently I was even more impressed with your ability, despite your heterosexual leanings, to comprehend straight and cisgender privilege and entitlement. What wonderful Hetero-Cis Caucasoid genes!

Never before have I met someone with such pale, fragile skin, with near no protection against harmful UV rays, and thus really no natural niche on our dear planet, who also had an obviously fully functional and philosophizing mental muscle. What empathy! What compassion so unexpectedly fruitful in someone of your race and sexual desire proclivities!

Sadly, as the days pass, I lose hope of ever meeting any more Caucasiods of Exception, like yourself.

But at least I did meet you and can remind myself it is not necessarily a facet of straight whiteness to be stupid, anti-social, greedy, selfish and over-emotional.

Sincerely, Your Black Gay Friend
- Willow


Oh dear, I've just been reminded that my dear Healey doesn't count towards Cacasoid Exceptionality, just like Kirk-In-The-Box doesn't count, because she has experience with non-neurotypicality.

Well damn. I really don't know any Exceptional Caucasoids at all. *frowny face*