Friday, September 11, 2009


Given that the links I see about current comics canon Spiderman is the universe readers are currently seeing in Marvelverse the Evil/ Dark Mirror Dimension Marvelverse?

I haven't seen mentions of that on blogs, but as I've been trying hard to avoid - I could have missed it.

Meanwhile I'm having odd moments of non stop laughter at the thought of Disney now being associated (especially in search engines) with such things as:

1. Tigra snuff film

2. "Chameleon +rapist peter parker" or "chameleon rapist peter parker"


Do you think this is what Disney intended when they bought a ready made market for 'boys' ?

Sexualized death, rape and puppydog tails?

PS: I forgot the mention the whole Peter + Chameleon thing makes me want to snap my legs closed tight and buy an anti rape chasity type device, possibly along with a stun gun and handy penknife for castration. The next time a woman goes to a comic con and mentions gropage, I'm going to be nodding and asking if the dude was a Marvel fan.