Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On Isms & Idiots (Part 3)

This, also needs it's own post.


I repeat, the submission period for the Lamda Literary Award is from October the first, in the year 2009 to December the first, in the year 2009.

The link above takes you directly to the guidelines, where the dates are plain plain plain. Here is a c/p of the wording one would find on that site:

Books submitted for consideration will be accepted between October 1 and December 1, 2009.

In no way. No form. AT ALL. Has anyone submitted ANY DAMN THING in this year, 2009, only to be told after the fact that guidelines/rules/requirements had changed.

No matter how the ranting, raving, hair pulling, spoiled, white women brats go on. No matter how they carry on. No matter how much homophobia and racist bullshit spill from their lips, while chipping their teeth brown.

In no way. EVER. Has any kind of switcheroo been pulled!


The only thing that may be commented on, that would be TRUTH, is that the guideline changes came a little late.

Of course, when an individual is having a privilege tantrum, the truth is less than a buzzing fly. Inconsequential and off putting to the drama they're trying to create to prove their silk stocking, pearl wearing, hair flouncing, fan cooling, church lady shock and horror at being told they do. not. qualify. for. something.

Y'know, it's fried chicken and lemonade while the Strange Fruit hang from trees, all over again. It's quilting bees and bake sales to raise money for missionaries to convert the black and brown heathens.

It's the reverse of the normal way of things, where the majority dictates and the minority is just grateful to still have all its teeth, to not be bleeding from the ass, brutalized and imprisoned.

Personally as a gay woman, I don't care how "popular" and en vogue these individuals make gay sex. Or how accepting they think they're making the gay lifestyle. If acceptance and popularity only go so far as making them happy, like any other trend, or new dress or fresh dish - I'd rather be unpopular and make headways that recognize my life as my life and not their fucking toy.

A toy they're willing to lie about, in order to steal (cause it ain't something that ever belonged to them to start with). Might and hue and cry do not create ownership or membership.

2009's Privilege Fail continues. And at the center as fucking always are over privileged white women authors.

Have. Mercy.