Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Different Day. Same Sh*t

Toys of The Last AirRacebender; The Live Action Movie

Via: Oh No. They Didn't

1. Katara is white with no hair loopies

2. Zuko has no topknot & his scar is a splash of dramatic makeup. (He's also WHITE, so much for basing it on the actors/Dev Patel).

3. Aang's eyes are either 'closed' or chinky (in the video clip of the toy).

4. His Airbender tattoos are BROWN and apparently only BLUE in 'Avatar State' (according to vid clip).

5. Sokka is white (with long pony tail).

Original MTV Page & Vid Here

Just what the world needed, Heroes of Colour immortalized in toy plastic - as WHITE.

ETA: There's so much more, so much worse. Click and go see for yourself. I don't even know where to begin with The Blue Spirit. Zuko killed the Cowardly Lion & taxidermied the head atrociously or something. Y'know, anything to erase more of the Asian cultures.