Saturday, February 20, 2010

Signal Boost: Writers To Watch For

I keep reading how N.K. Jemison's Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is bloody brilliant.

Excuse me while I wrestle some free floating general anxiety and a truckload of jealousy. There's nothing like breathing words but currently being unable to think the way you'd like, to set off admiration and sadness and fear and a bunch of the other emotions that encompass jealousy at someone else's accomplishment. Especially when it's someone you already respect.

Jealousy or not though, I still suggest you buy and consume the book. The first three chapters are here (top of the page) - to get you going. I've only read chapter 1 (jealousy & free floating anxiety, remember) but it made a definite positive impression on me.

Also when you finish that, I suggest you grab some Y.A and read Karen Healy's Guradian of the Dead, coming this spring, in April. I've had way more time to deal with the jealousy there. And am solidly in the write more now! phase.