Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PoC Won't Be Getting Recognition Glee

And speaking about who is acceptable to be seen as black/non white/poc; who fits that role in society....

Alexandre Dumas, of Haitian descent - to be played by a white man, specifically Gérard Depardieu.

Yes, Dumas was multi-racial, but he was also the grandson of a former slave and he referred to himself as un nègre. But it is apparently entirely NOT racist to have him portrayed in high yellow blackface (darkened skin, curly wig).

The movie is already made. There's nothing to be done about the casting. There's just awareness rising left.

And this thought; in a decade or so, when a movie about President Obama is made - what excuse will they give to have the first black president of the US be played by a white man? His white grandparents?

Or will people think it's impossible for him not to be dark skinned because 'where is the birth certificate' will still be making the rounds?

ETA: Of course the Dumas movie is all about how his best works were written by a real frenchman, a white man. Of. effing. course. Erase his blackness and his genius both at once.

ETA2: Ah, apparently Dumas was known (and admitted) to having ghost writers. But I still dislike the combination of circumstances.