Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Also About Plain Janes

It's come to my attention that Ms. Castellucci is on the boards at GirlWonder but that no one there has called her on her claim that the PLAIN JANES are multi-ethnic.

For personal reasons I don't go near the GW boards. That might have changed if health and RL current situations weren't at somewhat critical stages and I'd become more involved with the organization GW.

Still, the boards leave a lot to be desired. I hesitate to make the total claim that there's a lot of navel gazing there from all but a few and it's filled with white feminists being pro woman power. But that's how it felt to me the last time I was there and I will likely never get over being shut down on issues of race and called homophobic at the same time. Oh yes, and also called on my tone.

That said, if anyone reading this has an account on the boards there and wants to discuss this with her, vs being bewildered and aggravated (and not a little offended) here in my blog - feel free.

Am I advocating a dogpile on her.

Well, yes, yes I am. I admit it.

But it should be a POLITE dogpile.

Seriously though, I'm not expecting any work on her privilege will actually be accomplished over there. But if you do want to say something to one of the creators expressly, that might be a good place to do it.


  1. Ah, yes, Girl Wonder. They're excellent at derailing discussions on diversity and race in comics in favor of accusing people of being insensitive to the needs of the GLBT community or slash fans. Or something. As in, what happened to you.

    What happened to you was what finally put me off of Girl Wonder permanently. I'm still totally blown away at how hideously clueless the majority of the posters over there were towards you.

    GW definitely strikes me as being a small, insular group of navel-gazers - I agree with this assessment. I think they're devolving into irrelevancy at this point. It's too bad, because I used to go over there and read frequently, but every time I tried to join I never got a confirmation e-mail and my site log in kept getting returned as "invalid." When the site makes it virtually impossible for me to even register for the site - I tried three times - well, one wonders about how organized they are.

  2. Sometimes I feel guilty and petty about this overwhemling sensation I have about them - namely the:





    It gets especially confusing because I've befriended Karen of (GRC). The long talks we had about what happened are what lead us from, I believe, online acquaintances towards an actual friendship.

    (I define friendship via layers of trust. My mind? It's all complicated. Girls can't do math my ass. Let's see a boy try to match my emotional logic and intimacy algebra. He'll cry first.)

    Meanwhile I'm going to support Torchbearers and the Ormes Society.

  3. Is it over-simplistic of me to suggest that you go after the writers and artists that are making no effort towards cultural diversity, rather than advocating dogpiling on those that try, but don't succeed as well as you'd like?

  4. Karen El:

    Yes, it is an over-simplistic from you; both the suggestion and the qualification of this particular writer as someone who tries.

  5. Well I can see where it's more satisfying to sneer at me than explain what I am missing.

    Congratulations. You have achieved the irony of shutting out someone in a thread where you write about how bad someone else was for shutting you out.