Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me, My Issues + Marvel

Read Damage Control.

I need to peer at the front and see who the artist and colourist is because I adore the combined style.* There's detail, but it's not photo-realistic. I really enjoy the thicker lines and subtle curves to it.

I also adored the story so far. This is the type of tale that I enjoy a lot. The type of tales I always wanted to write; who comes in afterwards, who makes the armor, who helps the hero with his physical recovery, etc.

I'm also digging New Yorkers (the super heroes in this case) coming out in spades to help make things right.

And then the Gestapo arrive demanding that people show their papers.

Gestapo being a contraction of the german word for Secret State Police. Secret State Police are also known as Political Police.

I'm jonesing on this story and then The Death Squad arrive. Death Squad as in paramilitary group sanctioned by the current state who're involved in violent political suppression in totalitarian states.

And it hits me then that mentioning S.H.R.A and registration cards arn't grace notes. The Marvel Universe is fucked up. They've finally gotten what their fundamentalists wanted, except it's not genocidal super robots hunting down mutants. It's human beings or humanoids happily and cheerfully incarcerating the good guys for THE GOOD OF THE STATE. Those good guys being mutants, gods, demi-gods, people who gained powers from weird accidents or experiments etc...

The distaste that rolled up from my stomach - I can't even begin to describe it. The utter DISGUST.

I'm told there are interesting stories to be had here. And I can believe it. I remember being intrigued by a few.

I'm told that the side sagas, those not part of anything big and main often are quiet jewels. And I can believe it. I remember being intrigued by a few there too.

But I realize I'm reading a story about a fascist state, and that state is America, and I just want to walk to the other side of the room.

I have no idea why Political Police and such Squads bring up such utter revulsion in me, as a personal feeling of painful distaste vs just feeling disdain in abstract theory. But it does.

Someone tell me when this long saga of wrong is over in Marvel, ok?

I'm just going to hunt down things from before 2006. Maybe even before 2005.

*eyes DC*

I'm being promoted pretty hard on The Rainbow Corps. But if there's anything like this going on over there, I will seriously just read manga and manga only until all the insanity goes the eff away.

No this isn't me making a far, far belated hue and cry over CW. This is me realizing that I cannot stomach even the aftermath of it.

I wrote this post last night, just before bed to get my thoughts out and did not remember about it until now. * And I have now looked up the artist; Salva Espin and Guru EFx. I'm laughing to myself because before I looked up even the name of Guru EFx, I was saying to myself that I liked the use of pointillism and film grain effect to add depth to the colour and life to the characters; whatever it might be called professionally by people who do more than play skippy wee in Photoshop and similar programs. Also is Espin new? I can't find reference pre Damage Control. But I really did enjoy his art. Especially the fact that women had more than one facial expression (several in fact and realistic to the environment) and how solid he made everyone feel. His work seems almost mangaesque. I have an odd burning desire to see him sketch something from Bleach or Claymore (hmm Claymore).

Thurs: Feb 28th. Somehow this got saved as a draft? Damn I loathe LJ, but Blogger you are so not my friend.


  1. Commenting on the 2nd one. For no-Facist America Marvel maybe try the space stuff. Nova and Annihilation: Conquest and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy...

    Your reaction mirrors that of Nova when he was briefly back on Earth. Then he basically fled back to space where it was less crazy...

    Or you could turn to Image for your super=hero jonesing. Invincible, Dynamo 5, Noble Causes, etc...

    Or go even smaller press with ps238...

    Me, I manage to put up with a few of the Evil Tony and the Eviler S.H.R.A. (who thinks putting cop-killer Norman Osborn in charge of ANYTHING is a good idea?) but there are several good Marvel books I only get in trade now...

  2. Lurker: Yes, I must hunt down my second nice big hard cover of Invincible.

    And I think I have a PS238 packed somewhere that I haven't read yet. That'll be solved hopefully at the end of the next move.

    I know this seems a silly question to ask but, does Marvel realize they've created 'The Allied States of America' (A little Jericho reference).

    But do they?

    And all of a sudden I'm shook with the mental phrase: "Thank G-d Capt is dead. This would make him weep."

    And I only know of the man via other people's promotion.