Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Totally Not Comic Related

Ze Mighty Aphrodite Kali(921) occasionally graces the world with bits of culture. So why not me?

Actually, I was pointed to this link and am just spreading the joy.

A page full of Hallelujah. Or rather covers of the song.

I'm particularly fond of Rufus Wainright's and kd lang's.

Not to mention the quatro/banjo version in the sidebar player labeled (black session). It's peppy. It makes me think of 'The Sad Clown'. You laugh, he cries on the inside.

Yes, my mind is weird.

And yes Sad Clowns make me think of Kurt Busiek and Astro City. So there's a comic reference for those who may insist there should be some glimmer of connection.

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