Thursday, February 21, 2008

Further From Karen El

I apologise.

You are right. I shouldn't have told you to choose your targets better. It just upsets me when I see people avoiding controversy by removing any diversity.

I was also upset by some of the things you said about girl-wonder, who have been very supportive to me, and that made my response more aggressive than it should have been.

Karen El:

I do not accept your apology. But I am putting it here in a separate post so that people may see your attempt and the exact words you used in said attempt.

They can judge for themselves.

I personally do not understand how anything you originally said to me supported GW or defended it.

I also don't see your comments as being upset about people 'avoiding controversy by removing diversity'.

What I do understand is that you feel bad right now.

What I do understand is that it's likely someone told you you were showing your ass and to put on a pair of pants.

What I do understand, given the words you chose, is that this is you saying 'awh shucks' and toeing the ground without having actually learnt anything.


Who else saw this coming a mile away? Raise your hand.

*raises hand*

While I don't agree with with everything I know / have heard regarding Alcoholics Anonymous, I do agree with STEP 9 and their meaning for it.


  1. Dear Karen Ellis:

    My mistake. I thought you were about promoting cultural diversity. You're quite good at the opposite.

    I just want you to know that if you ever see some of my work that includes culturally diverse characters, it will be despite you, rather than because of you.

    You need to make more than a half ass apology to Willow. Because that was some nasty, spiteful vitriol you spewed out. I don't care how "supportive" Girl Wonder has been to you, if your first reaction is to persistently attack anything that challenges your preconceptions and privilege, then go home and spare us all your inane commentary until you educate yourself. Also, maybe go back and do some reading on the "tone" issue.

    Dear Willow:

    I don't blame you.



  2. Willow, I have learned a valuable lesson from you. Thank you.