Monday, November 2, 2009

Aang Has Always Been Asian - And So Has His World!

A little birdie TOLD ME SO!

Granted I've the comprehension to observe the truth for myself, but still, amazing gratitude to the anonymous staffer who leaked the ipbible for (A:TLAB, OAS). Cause y'know, the music, the costumes, the writing, the customs haven't been enough to convince the ignorant; who like to cherry-pick the minorities out of what they like and replace them with white people.

The A:TLA IP Bible: "Environment":

"This is an ancient, fantastical Asian environment, primarily Chinese. There are no modern things like electricity. However, the Fire Nation is in their industrial revolution. They use steam powered ships, lay tracks to move supplies."

The A:TLA IP Bible: "Language":
"We generally do not show signs or writing in the show. If there needs to be a sign, it should be in Chinese with the proper translation, accompanied by subtitles."

M. Night Shalyaman. Paramount. Racist Privileged Deniers. You. All. Suck..

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