Saturday, November 21, 2009

Orc Horn To The Left. Speaker Of Truth To The Right

Bankeui has some remarks on media surprise to discover The First Nations Quileute Tribe is real.

He gets his links from Newspaper Rock / BlueCornComics. BlueCornComics has a whole round-up of Twilight links as they relate to First Nations Peoples.

If you go read and get curious about what it is, I and Glockgal said? Then you can check our our words.

Quileute, Quileute, Quileute, Quileute. You hear about Twilight and you hear about The Quileute Nation and how they're trying to deal with curious tourists; about Quileute young actors who tried out for parts; about Quileute elders trying to explain that Stephanie Meyer took their name but didn't include much of their actual history and lore.

And yet somehow the You That Hears is not the majority white media.


PS: TWoP Tennison (moderator)? Saying:
If you want to discuss race relations on this show, that's fine. Don't turn it into an opportunity to lecture other posters or pick fights. If you really want to argue with someone in an off-topic way, PM them. Don't hash it out on the boards.

Is a bullshit TONE ARGUMENT. And I have no doubt the next time something happens, TWoP Tennison will flip that cowardice to the other side and say something about how 'You're just being mean! You're not teaching anyone anything! How else can they/we learn?!'

*rolls eyes*

Also deleting the words of the POC's calling out the racist sentiments? COWARDICE.

Seriously I should just screencap everytime I stumble across something that's full of cowardly racist fail, since they do tend to delete it. And ye heavens it was on a Stargate Thread too. I should have guessed the fail would multiply.