Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Black Superheroines and One Unknown

Brought over from another journal:

So I reconfirmed for myself that there was in fact a black female superhero who had led a team and was called Marvel. It wasn't Ms. Marvel. But Captain Marvel - then - Photon - now - Pulsar.

Monica Rambeau

Man, did she rock.

However, I've just spent two hours trying to track down a another character I know exists. I just know it. I can see the panel in my mind.

A teenaged boy wih the powers to duplicate himself, but somehow it was only astrally. The copies were all black and star field looking. And anything they knew, he knew.

I distinctly remember a series of panels where a member of his team is scolding him for one of his selves/copies peeking in on her in the shower.

Was this an Amalgam version of Jamie Maddrox ? I don't know. The woman seemed muscular with braids/corn row (black hair not white). And I dimlly recall that there were other team mates in the house or apt where they were.

This is haunting me now. If anyone has the slightest clue. Cause I'm running out of things to use as research starting points.

I tried looking up the woman, by looking up DC and Marvel African American Heroes. But I've gone through both lists and haven't seen her so far. And everything about multiple selves or parts comes up Jamie and astral projection gives me telepaths or group efforts on the astral plane.

The comic would have been an early to middle 80's comic.

ETA on 2006/10/28: Link. Also, Monica is apparently part of Nextwave. She hasn't disappeared. Still haven't found out anything about the young man.