Thursday, September 1, 2011


So much THIS.

CHRONICLES OF MANSPLAINING: Processor Feminism and the Deleted Comments of Doom

After you read that, I would like for some of you, perhaps the thoughtful ones who have half a half a micron of a clue, to imagine the moment of intersectionality, that happens in incidences of mansplaining, when the woman in question is a woman of colour, particularly in America, a black woman.

I'm not asking you to hunt and peck substitute in white privilege for male privilege in that essay. I'm asking you to take the WHOLE of that essay and add just a little extra weight; what it might be like to have all of that going on AND the added weight that the man in question thinks you're worth even less than an ordinary woman, because an ordinary woman is white.

Because in such a context as was explained, a woman could be hurt, but for YEARS in the US and in countries colonized by whites, indigenous women, including black women, could not be hurt; because they had the shape of women, the body parts of women, but were less than women.

Back in the day you couldn't rape a black woman. Because no such laws existed. It had to be clearly stated as a hypothetical that a black woman had autonomy over her own body. As a fricking LAW. And well, jaywalking is on the books too, isn't it.

And if man = smart goodness and woman = not so smart then black woman =... ?

And just think about what that might mean when white men, and white woman can contribute to that assumption that your time, space, life is up for theirs to grab and use however and whenever they want.

And when the explanation over there, describes how this can happen in an online medium, think about what you've seen online against female bloggers of colour. The same steps. The same process. With that little added weight.

Just think about it.

You might even be able to put two and two together when it comes to all the blog posts about the book and movie 'The Help' and how it was a case of a white woman 'splaining - but that might be a bit too advanced. So just stick to the first lesson for now.

ETA: 301 Class - Intersectionality node of being a woman and disabled, or being a woman and an immigrant or being a woman of a certain age, or being a woman with children. 302 Class- Multiple intersectionalities; being a disabled woman with children who is also a PoC. This isn't about oppression olympics, remember, it's about how much more power in society a white male has, how much more entitlement he thinks he has to anything to do with that woman, how little she matters as a person with ideas, opinions, deserving of respect, even a hierarchy of needs, in the societal equation that's been drilled into his head.