Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's The End Of An Age As We Knew It

In Once Soviet Russia - Livejournal Blogs You

New Owner.

Pisses on his user base.

Users not even good enough for bukkake.

Willow_Dot_Com will be deleted, as an archive, by the end of March. If I can manage it on the 21st (Livejournal No Posting Day) I will.

Tools & Utilities: LJ-sec and LJ-Archive & blog2blog.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newsarama: Breeding Ground Of Stupid? You Decide.

Concerning VIXEN DRAWN & COLOURED AS WHITE yet again, I followed links and found someone's response on Newsarama to a post done that linked me.

That person's response?

Every Willow Lady post ever, Short Version:

Their original picture here

So let me get this straight. The good ole boys who haunt and post Newsarama have read me. They've read me and their conclusion is that I'm a child who's shouting and needs to be muted.

Frankly, I'm not surprised.

I'm saying loudly, over and over again that racism in mainstream American Comics isn't dead, because racism in America isn't dead.

This is not something a good healthy dose of white people want to hear. White people not just Americans. But I'll leave the PoC and NWP of the UK and Europe to deal with the those areas. That's their day to day, this is mine.

Is it better to be dismissed than to be ignored? That's a tricky question to answer. My first impulse is to say yes. Because there's the slim (.1%) chance that some day a few of those dismissing me, will have a clue by anchor dropped on them and they'll be able to think back and go 'Oh! That's what she was talking about then'. I think that's positive.

But the whole thing about if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear, does it make a sound? My answer has always been yes. Friction and action disturb molecules, which move and create waves, some of which reach into the audible range.

Me and this blog? There is movement and friction and action from me. I'm saying something. I'm noting something. I'm remaining aware. I'm making decisions as a conscientious consumer. I'm deciding who I am going to be as a human being.

I am going to be someone who doesn't let people in the world tell her to shut up and play nice.

I am going to be someone who doesn't swallow her pain.

I am going to be someone who says - "I. AM. BLACK. This is me. This is who I am. This is who I want to see reflected in the things I love."

That said?

Y'all WhFk need to get SCHOOLED on INSTITUTIONAL RACISM. I won't teach you. But I will keep bullhorn microphoning in your ear until you get some learning.


DC you are doing it wrong!!!

DC: In Your Justice League Makin' Your Heroes WHITE

Is this supposed to be an alternate universe? One of the 52? Because once again VIXEN IS NO LONGER A BLACK WOMAN.

Please note, those individuals still contacting me telling me I'm blowing stuff out of proportion and being racist for originally pointing this out? My reply to you will come during the bi-annual - Look At These Idiots.

This is just me pointing out, that the artist slowly shifted Vixen's features from African to Caucasian and now this is a second consistent showing of her AS WHITE.

Also if that tanned individual in the back with the domino mask is Black Lightening who is ALSO supposed to be African Descended, then how can this NOT be deliberate because he sure as hell doesn't look white. He might pass the paper bag test, but he's not white.

I read up Sinestro Corps this past weekend. But no way in HELL am I following or spending money on anything from DC anymore. Nope.

I'm so sorry Greg Rucka, because I adore your work. But I can't buy the new Question TPB from DC.

Does anyone know if Greg Rucka takes paypal? Can I just send -him- money and get the torrent?

CAUSE I AM NOT BUYING JACK SHIT FROM Detective 'Let Us White Wash African Descended Characters' Comics.

ETA: I noticed Vixen almost immediately. Trying to size the picture for my blogger, however, and WW suddenly began to stand out EXTRAORDINARILY. There are sure to be others, however, pointing out the T&A Yoga going on there. And BC and HG.


NB:If you want to comment and tell me this is another mistake, please know you will not be published.

Instead I will save your comment for the bi-annual "What Fools There Be On This Here Internet" where the comment forwarded to my email will be published in full in a post mocking your stupidity, racism, ignorance, privilege and pointing you to BDSM sites for a Master or Mistress of Sadism, because obviously you are one masochistic child of a bitch.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dear Friends Currently On Livejournal


We're in ur journal, banning ur queers.

Also banning/preventing from showing up in interests: depression or pain.

Fuller list at the top of that entry.


For those who want to comment to the poster using their lj, her livejournal posts are here: Circle the one that doesn't belong and 6apart erases porn all spawned from her very well listed: Nostalgia: 6A/SUP's Greatest Fuck-Ups.

Look, I'm not going to tell you to run for the hills, because the hills are bare. I'm fumbling daily dealing with blogger. But I figure some of you over there, who apparently read my blog, might want to a) know what's been going on and b) possibly SAY something to TPTB over there just what you think of their tactics.

Because whether or not you think your content in your journal is being sold as product to advertisers, this blocking of interests - y'all remember how you can't search for Spice Girls or the Holocaust, right? - says something about your viability or lack, as a pair of eyes and presence on their site.

PS: Those of you who voluntarily flagged your journals ADULT CONTENT? I can't access your journals. I keep getting this page over and over again. Even when I'm logged in using OPENID. I apparently have to have a journal to see your content.

While this is likely a bug, it's a badly timed bug. I suggest your open problem ticks and complain about it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Anonymous Commenter

Is not originally mine! Lo I have discovered that they posted to Ragnell's blog first so she was likely their impetus for creating a blog account.

Well, I feel less special. (/end sarcasm)

On the plus side - I don't have to keep their comment around for the next few months, cause "Willow no brook no Troll." Yeah, I got some Billygoat in me. I got horns. Uh huh. Check my moves!

Also, YAY for backlog reading and finding new information.

Also Also? On the plus side - Dear folk I never even heard about who're apparently reading me?


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Green Folk & Other Sexy People


Uhm... HULK trailer goes live

On the one hand, I happen to really like Edward Norton. Don't ask me why, he's sort of grown on me. And the thought of him as Bruce Banner? I can almost see the comic version drawing in my head, and I LIKE IT.

Also, HELLO Arwen Liv Taylor. I haven't seen you in a while. And now here you are in another geek movie. That's kind of sweet and awwwh.

For the individuals noting how I haven't actually talked the trailer itself as in a promo for the movie, well - meh.

Wait, not quite meh. There is also the "We don't wait 7 years between remakes for the same character anymore" ? The time shift is now 5?

And if that's the case, does this mean that there'll be a new X-Men Movie coming up real soon? Hopefully one that doesn't suck?

Oh! THOUGHT! Which young actress looks like she could be Edward Norton's cousin?

I'm currently thinking Eva Mendes with a CGI SHULKIE.


I'm dreaming aren't I? I've seen the clips from Beauwolf(The Movie) ain't no way a CGI SHULKIE wouldn't end up wearing high heels and having breasts the size of basketballs.

Crap, I'm still not talking about the movie, aren't I? But I don't have anything much to say - Except that that I noticed a lovely POC mother and daughter in the trailer and thought 'YAY, there's black people in this city' and then realized that Monsters were about to wreck "Harlem".


It's much cooler thinking up possible SHULKIES.

Back in the day before Jessica Alba went blonde and apparently a bit stupido she could have be a....


Ok, not a WoC but Sarah Michelle Gellar as Jenn Walters then CGI-ed into SHE-HULK, would actually made me giggle, and perhaps want to see the movie so I could see the woman kicking ass again. Yes yes, lose face time in front of the cameras in Hollywood and get forgetten about. But all I ever see her in these days is victim, victim, supernatural victim.

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, fangirling Eva Mendes and oh yeah, Lenor Varela, I heart me some Lenor Varela - though would she be considered too old for the part? Eff damn.

Any suggestions?

Also coming up in my next post an organizational chart of W.I.L.L.O.W - cause minions and protoges and vizers suggest a conclave of some sort, or at the very least a committee for world domination.

Also Lurkerwithout: I am scarred for LIFE. And if it is Kalinara's fault, you need to go into detail, so I may cause her pain.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Annihilation & My Mutant Powers

First: My Mutant Powers

So apparently someone out there has seen themselves reflected in my general description of individuals who refuse to do their own race homework and who bask in their privilege and they felt so threatened and so affronted, that their eyes went all crosswise and their brains stopped comprehending English and they just had to set up an anonymous blogger account, in order to tell me I'm a mean girl who protests too much about not being a magical negro and who cuts down all opposition by throwing around that nasty word, racist.


*cracks up*

Who ever you are, I hope you realize I'm now picturing you as Youtube's Angry German Kid. Pimples and all.

Anyway, the rest of y'all will see the stupidity with your own eyes at the bi-annual 'What Fools These Be', post.

But uhm, yo? Y'all folk I control with the powers of my POC mind? Where are my tributes? I'm just saying, I should get tributes. I mean Doom gets tributes.

free glitter text and family website at


Ok, I gave it entirely too much credit for ease to follow. Yes, I know where it begins, but geeze, is there a list somewhere telling me what order stuff comes in? And why is there no love for the Super Skrull (whom I never heard of before now, but what. ever).

Still, I believe I like me some Drax and some Nova and the Annihilation Wave is kickass creepy!

Also, I believe I find Silver Surfer boring.

Yes, I know that will cost me some minions. But I'm sure they'll direct me to some interesting Silver Surfer if they know what's good for them if they truly want to share with me their love and excitement for the character. Cause his appearance in the story so far is just not doing much of anything for me.

Also, it's possible to buy the books without having to buy his part in it, right? I'm just - he makes me think of Superman. Superman back when I didn't like him. An angsty, boring superman, who's silver, with no clothes, out in space, being emo.

Yes I linked to a dictionary definition. That is how Doom Willow rolls.

Also also? I received GLA as a b-day pressie. I have read all four issues. I have cried. I have awed. I have wanted to reach into the chest of a fictional character and squeeze until they went blue - and I have cheered. It's like team Spiderman! When Spiderman was good! Also it was a mutant team with absolutely no Wolverine. Sweet Aunt Jemmimah's Pancakes, what a novel concept!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Anyone who wishes to explain this fact further to this individual here is more than welcome.

In future, I will be saving up all the stupid white people remarks, stupid race questions and comments and doing a bi-annual 'LOOK AT THIS FOOL'. Cause I seriously don't have the energy or inclination to slap people individually anymore.

My time is valuable to me.

MY BIRTHDAY; a little happiness, some rant, some smack talk and plea for reccs

Let us describe what I did with my birthday.

I relaxed. I had easy, yet delicious food. I bundled up for warmth. And I read comics. All. Damn. Day.

I read me some NextWave. Agents of H.A.T.E - FINALLY. And got me some squee over Monica (Who will ALWAYS BE MY CAPTAIN MARVEL).

I read me some Shadowpact. Ragman is f*Cking cool! Seriously. Jewish hero. Kicking ass. Taking names. And BRINGING YOU YOUR REDEMPTION!

I think I'm in love.

Also it was very sad to learn that they stopped at #25. Also I only read up to #21.

Also also? Shadowpact? That was one white ass team, yo. WHITE. ASS. And I sincerely appreciate Nightmaster's vague allusion to that fact (mentioning getting his white ass handed to him)

Also? The JL in that series? WHITE AS WONDER BREAD.

Are there no POC magical heroes in DCverse? And please don't tell me Blue Devil is a person of colour, or I will rip your still beating heart from your chest and piss on it.

Which reminds me I've had a post brewing to one side about Supergirl getting kicked to the curb from the WHITE AS MOON ASS Teen Titans - but it's a rant involving lots of frothing at the mouth from me, at how things went down via summaries from Maid of Might and scans_daily. So it might not ever see the light of day.

Seriously the only way that whole set up could be redeemed to me is if someone comes back and does THE STORY WE DIDN'T KNOW, where Cassie fricking Stargirl had herself some lesbian experimentation using Super-Girl as something to hump in her grieving over Kon-EL, selfishly not considering that using a person, moreover a person with limited understanding of human interactions and no clue this could be a possibility, is WRONGER than WRONG especially when one calls oneself a hero.

*breathes at that run on sentence*

AND the misunderstanding between Cassie and Kara when this is all explained is that Cassie confesses and Supergirl is understandably pissed off and is all very much "Lose my number you user skank!"

*breathes, exhales*

But where was I? Oh yes.


Seriously - WTF is up with that? I repeat. WHAT. THE. F*CK. IS. UP. WITH. THAT.??!

A girl on her birthday tries to get into GLC, look at some stuff, cause the Rainbow Wars look interesting and the latest previews look exciting.


Apparently in order to know WTF is going on, I have to read shite from 2004! Because Geoff Johns is a -looooooong- view writer?



This is supposed to encourage me to buy the TPB's HOW?

Cause you know, so far on my list of things to acquire by the end of the year, I've got - NEW EXCALIBUR (the first half 1-15) and NEXTWAVE.

But I need to know about ION and Sinestro Corps War in order to appreciate The Alpha Lanterns and the fact that the big headed blue dudes have felt fear and like George Bush Jr after 9/11 are now running around going 'PATRIOT ACT!' and 'ILLEGAL PHONE TAPS' and 'OH NOES WE NEEDS US SOME CIA INTERNAL AFFAIRS IN HERE!' ?????

I don't have a clue if I'll even like GL, why do I need to know all that? How is this attractive to the causal but intrigued new series reader?

Also GL fans, are you aware that while Kali921 is one of you, she's also a Nova Corps fan? Not only that, but she and others have been pimping Marvel's Cosmic Comics at me, like it was naked women covered in chocolate whose mouths constantly produce whipped cream and caramel?

And one of the bloody damn hooks of Nova Corps & Anahilation is that I don't bloody well have to do bloody homework in order to understand it??

Despite some scant knowledge of GL's from my childhood, including a parent's love of Alan Scott, I am a definitive DCAU baby! I have one true Lantern and his name is not HAL or KYLE. And my kickass female lantern love is PINK and likes dark meat!

Why do I need to read about people I only know of as peripherals in order to understand a story that seems as if it should have a broader more encompassing pov? Is the Rainbow Corps not a truly epic undertaking after all? Epic as in universal, as in not complicated requiring endless footnotes to comprehend???


Seriously though Nova has a Raccoon and the GLC has a chipmunk, or maybe it's a squirrel. Either way, glowy people kicking ass to save the universe. My money's only going to be spent on that story ONCE. And it's going to be spent on something that's enjoyable and doesn't give me a damn headache.

So if any GL fans out there want to point me to something, or inform me of what to read that's not 4 trades prior to what's going on right now. I think my vote's been cast.

Also. Nova has/is a lesbian.

So seriously. Y'all GLC pimpers are getting rolled!

Right, now that all that bemused WTF is out of my system :) And it is bemused, cause I was all about the happy on my b-day....

Who wants to recc me something to spend birthday money on? Keeping in mind my icons are generally women, with close to cosmic level powers who'll kick a bad guy in the face or groin?

Also, is there a light based heroine (maybe even hero) I DON'T know about?

Monica, Allison Blaire... (I know I'm forgetting someone)

Monday, March 10, 2008


Before Zod The Willow,

For today is my birthday. I am happy and perky and celebatory. And after today there's still the rest of my BIRTHDAY MONTH!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Even More Tangent Universe

Via Zombie Mallet in IM.

Ghost Rider: The Viral A.I.

A combination of Jack Hawksmore and Deadman, he transfers through city after city, possessing people to stop his creator Hacker: Zarathos from taking over the world net!


My reaction to ZM's idea?

Well, given the fact I happen to love Deadman and this makes his concept even cooler - I have been kicked in the face by awesome and can't but post about it!

*Appoints ZM as Minion #1*

Do Note: Minion ideas may kick me in the face and be filled with awesome. Any actual kicking in the face involves immediate target lock and the individual classified as enemy.

Lurker would you like to be Minion #2?

See Lurker's continued kickass ideas here.

Also can any of us do something with these ideas? Granted I seriously doubt many of us have the time to write out long involved fanfiction. But seriously could it hurt to do summaries once a week or something?


On second thought, it'd be more than one summary, wouldn't it at the rate I'm going.


Just off into the woods next door or down the street, just down that alley, behind that old neglected house, just behind that dumpster, that burnt out car, is a place of ambient energy that calls to the guilty and the sorrowfully bereaved.

It is judge and executioner. It is hope and redemption.

Have you ever wondered about amnesiacs?

Sometimes the person who finds this place has searched long and hard, discovered symbols and ceremonies to bring it to them, they believe that with one single act of self sacrifice they can bring someone back who died before their time.

Have you ever wondered about the maniacs who're never caught? Or the ones you've never heard of?

Sometimes the person who finds it, stumbles upon it, drenched in hubris that their dark deeds will never be discovered. These individuals discover that something has been watching them all along or has been sent to them and now, violently, it will judge them guilty.

Either way, it uses the spirits it finds to generate magic to sustain itself. It can be a puddle, or the shadowy figure of a man, the cat who walks through walls to stare boldly into the eyes of a butcher of men or the crow on the sill listening to a mother's weeping.

It is the Deadpool.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tangent Universes 2

Racism makes me cranky. So more Tangent Marvelverse

Utilizing Luker's X-Man, I did this bit in comments.(side note: y'all folk who want to win minion have a LOT of sucking up to do. He's got you beat by three laps already)

After hundreds of years of protecting the human race, Gambit loses X-Man in 2014. But not before his heroic actions catch the eye of a group within Exiles.

Engineers and computer entrepreneurs all, the group steals X-Man's remains, but only so they can create The Uncanny X-Men, technological heirs of a fallen hero who will now take his place many times over in the fight to preserve sentient life on planet earth and in this galaxy.

Come follow the adventures of The Uncanny X-Men and their pit crew in their fight to right all wrongs the Milky Way is not yet otherwise equipped to handle.


I'm not quite sure which individual in this one inspired the others :)


The demi-goddess Circe is an often forgotten bit of Greek lore. Certainly the three women whose lives she forever changed likely hadn't thought about her as more than a mention in highschool, or on some television show about Odysseys.

But Circe lives and while she no longer focuses solely on condemning and in fact now chooses champions, her methods haven't changed too much over the years.

A young, black police woman about to be surrounded by neo-nazi's finds herself transforming. Misty Knight is now Black Panther.

A law student on her way home from school rushes into a burning building to save a child and finds herself transforming from Allison Blaire into White Tiger.

Fleeing the hit men who murdered her parents, Jubilation Lee feels a surge of new found strength sweep over her as she becomes Silver Fox.

Forever given the ability to transform into beings half beast and half human, these women will be found one by one by Circe's original champion, Ekletra Natchios, The Wolverine, chosen by Circe since the tender age of five and molded by the goddess into a capable warrior. Because Circe intends to create a group of warriors loyal to her who'll respond to the injustices against women and innocents she has viewed in the world. Her chosen champions will be The Avengers.


Oh! It's so corny and happy making! *hugs her little tangent Avengers*

Racism 101

I am c/ping my exchange with one tombrazelton of livejournal who has not yet done his racism homework, unpacked his privilege and a whole host of other things.

I am c/ping it because the movie being discussed got me angry enough that I did a little Racism 101. I HATE DOING RACISM 101. It is not my life's dream to open up whitey's eyes, one by one, to his own idiocy, hubris and stunted philosophical and ethical growth.

So here is our exchange where it might serve as Seeking Avalon's monument to Racism 101. Anytime someone says something stupid to me on this blog, I'll only have to link back here.

I think it might make things a bit easier.

ALSO: Lurker asked how come he's a dense white boy and he can get it. I hereby PUBLICALLY explain to LURKERWITHOUT that if you get it, YOU ARE NOT a dense white boy. But I make no claims I might not call you slow at some later date.


Tom Brazelton: In the movie, Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black play spoiled actors making a Vietnam war film. Downey Jr. plays a method actor so serious about his craft, he surgically alters himself to look African American when he finds out the role he was originally hired to portray was written with a black actor in mind. Stiller and Downey Jr. aren't making fun of African Americans. They ARE making fun of ridiculous actors. Personally, I think it sounds hilarious, especially if Downey Jr. plays it completely straight.

Of course, there are going to be some people out there who will reduce this down to it's bare element - a white man in black makeup - and be offended. These people are looking for something to offend them. If you can't see the potential for satire in this, you don't see very many movies....

Lurker: You know when white boys from the midwest start telling people what they should and SHOULD NOT find racially offensive, it never ends well. Just saying...

Tom Brazelton: I'm not sure I understand what you mean. In what way was I dictating what anyone should and shouldn't find offensive?

I'm splitting the difference between people who can appreciate a joke within context and people whose knee-jerk reaction is to be offended.

Willow: Your ass. You are showing it.

Here and there and probably all over the comments to this post.

Tom Brazelton: Okay, so you're saying I'm spouting off about racism without any knowledge or experience to back it up. "My ass is showing." I get it. You could have come right out and said it. You wouldn't have hurt my feelings.

But I appreciate your condescension.

I guess I'm still not seeing the point of contention here. The commentary I'm making is thus:

1. Robert Downey Jr. is an actor, portraying an actor who is making himself look black for a role in a movie.

2. Some people will find this controversial because they will only see a white man in makeup, think "blackface" and everything negative that implies.

3. These people are wrong because the point of it all is to make fun of narcissistic actors, not to make fun of black people or steal opportunities from black actors.

4. There is no controversy.

In the comic, Tom's makes light of the entire "controversy" by comparing White Chicks to minstrel shows. Obviously that is not a fair comparison. It is an exaggeration made for comedic purposes.

Is there anything we're overlooking here?

Willow: Once again, yet another white person believes that racist actions are all about intent.

Once again another white person says if someone steps on your foot, the fact that they may not have meant to step on it, should mean that your foot. DOES. NOT. HURT. And saying OW is WRONG.

Once again another white person decides that black people have no valid point of view. They are people who are WRONG because HE doesn't see what could be painful or insulting about something. Therefore it can't be painful or insulting.

Listen if the jism you and this movie's actors and producers are spitting out with your privileged cocks are MEANT to be hitting the faces of 'narcissistic actors' IS ALSO hitting the faces of people of colour passersby then it DOESN'T MEAN SHIT WHAT THE ORIGINAL INTENTION WAS.



This is a racist movie. Your commentary is racist commentary.

Racism is NOT just about Jim Crow laws and the Klan. It's about the very blindness and hubris that has you deciding that anyone who criticizes and calls attention to the obvious and blatant skanky race issues involved in this production are WRONG because the MOVIE IS ONLY INTENTIONALLY MAKING FUN OF ACTORS, ANY POC WHO FEEL INVOLVED ARE JUST OVER SENSITIVE & WRONG. I AM WHITEY. MY WORD IS LAW/GOD.

Do note the part where I don't call you Massa.

Maybe some day you will unpack your privilege and get a clue in which case you might want to click the latter link. I'm told it's easier to swallow what a racist ass you're being when told by a white person.

Meanwhile I'll just add you to the list.


Willow: *telepathically contacts the hive mind of the FoCing Cabal*


ETA: Latest Comment

Tom Brazelton: I guess all I can say is that I'm sorry. But it appears either I'm damned if I do or damned if I don't.

If I express an opinion about it at all, "my ass is showing." If I state a lack of understanding and try to draw you out in a conversation where you can help me understand, I get firebomed.

So it's not really about having an open dialogue. It's about 400 years of oppression, your anger and me getting the hell out of your way.

Sans obscenity, your explanation of the situation made more sense than what you originally posted - and that's all I really needed.

So, again, all I can really say is that I'm sorry. I tried to make a joke and it backfired. If that's not good enough for you, we can both be on each other's lists.

_________ ***_________

My interpretation of said above comment: Damn it! You're being intelligent, black woman. But at least I can point out that you won't lead me by the hand to the waters of racist absolution and pour it over my head while whispering the secret of never being confronted ever again into my ear. So I'll point out your TONE! And I'll make googly, sorry, pathetic eyes so as to let people know, I tried, but the angry black woman wouldn't kiss my cock.
_________ ***_________

Ladies and gentlefellows, this is why I don't do RACISM 101. It'd land my ass in jail for stabbing.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tangent Universes

In a second I'm going to post this here, where it was inspired over at A Trout In The Milk.

I was really captivated by the idea of Digression Comics and a Tangent Universe. These are my Marvel Ideas.


The world is full of mysteries, marvels, miracles and magic, not all of it good. When things go wrong and innocents are hurt an organization almost as old as time, sends out agents to be army, spies, medics, counselors and more.

They are Gambit. They battle the forces against nature; the living dead, monsters of chaos, rips between dimensions.

And they do it all knowing each time one of their number will die, because that is the price Gambit pays for saving the world.


In 2012, within the physical location of the area known as the Bermuda Triangle a portal opens up and hundreds upon hundreds of individuals pour out. To everyone watching on the news, it's as if magic is happening. To the world's governments it's a nightmare and the first public step of a secret deal they've made with higher alien powers.

This is the first day of the rest of their lives for Exiles, political problems of a far off Space Empire. With a new regime in place everyone from the prior Princess to Celestial Guards to The Royal Cook has been cast into the furtherest reaches of uncivilized space.


It is now their home. Human beings? Millions upon millions of guards.

Can the Exiles and Earth ever find a way to change this situation? Will they be content? Or has Earth just made the biggest mistake possible and given over everything to these few hundred aliens.


New York City never sleeps, but when the sun sets and alley-ways fill with shadows, a guardian walks its rooftops, listening, watching, protecting. The island of Manhattan is the domain of The Amazing Nightcrawler.

But this dark vigilante, this wielder of shadow magic is more than just an individual's answer to crime, injustice and pain. He is a spirit curse wielded jointly by the Family Wagner of Wagner's Coffee & Books; Grandmother, son and granddaughter; Raven, Kurt and Talia. They are three generations touched by magic, trying to use it for good.

-- Too Angry For Title --

Dear Lurker,

Thank you for pointing out to this idiot here that his ass was showing.

Seriously? Robert Downey Jr in blackface? And it is blackface. It's a white man dressed up via makeup like a black man.

Ok, y'all folk who want me to go see Iron Man THE MOVIE? You can tell me how it went. I'll be at home, watching re-runs of Static Shock or something.

Because knowing Downey Jr participated in this shit? HELL NO.

Don't tell me this is a movie making fun of actors. This is a movie and movie premise where a bunch of white men (writers, producers, executives), and white actors thought nothing of the socio-political and historical associations involved in a white man dressing up like a black man - far less in a movie that's supposed to be a farce.

Downy Jr could have been portrayed as cutting off parts of his legs to be shorter. He could have been portrayed as developing a pain killer addiction because it'd be true to character (though I admit, for people battling such addictions that'd probably be iffy - then again as a former addict, maybe Downy could have brought something to the role).

The premise of the movie could have involved SF and Downy making himself permanently look like an alien or having extra arms grafted on etc.

All that happens when they make him decide to SURGICALLY BECOME A BLACK GUY, is that these WHITE men were too busy wallowing in their privilege to THINK.

I am seriously thinking of adding a tag label of: Dem crackers done lost their minds!

Diary Of An Angry Black Woman

Lurker just asked if I didn't think I was being a bit of a bully and continuing a petty internet squabble, scoring hits off of poor manic depressive Karen El.

I replied to him.

I'm also making a post here. If you think I'm a bully or am being bullying then by all means stop reading.

No one asked me how it made me feel when she tore off on me for not doing what she expected me to do.

Kali921 was the only individual who commented that Karen's words were spiteful and full of vitriol and that I deserved more than a half-ass non apology.

Karen El may or may not be Manic Depressive.

Does anyone know if I deal day in day out with Mental Illness? No.

Does anyone in particular care? I'm guessing not really, unless it factors into how I approach comics and animation here in the blog.

Did Lurker consider that receiving yet another response from Karen El might have had an affect on me? I don't know. He chose his words very carefully.

Has any one of the white readers of this blog considered the fact that anger and frustration are the end result of having been hurt too many times to the point of being unable to be quiet about it?

Does it occur to you, general you, who may be thinking poor so and so or poor such and such, that I flinch when I see the name and make the decision to deal with whatever comment is coming?

Do you think black people who're angry just lose the ability to feel anything else?

Y'all read about superheroes. How the hell can you forget that hurt and fear can fuel anger for the cause of righteousness?

But yo, I am not a damsel in need of rescuing, so I can understand if the thought didn't occur to you.

But I am also not someone who will allow a conversation to be buried - because like it or not, every comment made in my blog is a conversation between you and I. If it gets ugly, it gets ugly. If it's filled with light and brilliance, then so be it.

If you want it to stop. Stop commenting.

If you want it private - ask for that.

And if you are a racist, hurtful, hateful individual in my blog;

If you are a misogynistic swine;

I will remind you of just who I think you are, with every new segment of this continuing conversation, until you either stop the conversation, or you show me you've changed.

This is my blog. These are my rules.

Now you know.

ETA:Lurker is not a jerk. He just brought to my attention that people may not know WHY I do what I do.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 Weeks Later - Karen El

Karen El has just informed me she's learnt a valuable lesson from me.

I have no idea what that might be. She doesn't say.

But for anyone wondering if she ever replied to me, well now you know she has. And she's said...something. About a lesson. Which may or may not be sarcasm on her part.

Anyone thinking the lesson she's learned is that I am a mean, mean, black woman, who won't put aside my day, life, plans to soothe her guilt and do her racism homework for her but who will mock her passive-aggressive displays? You,may buy me a cookie. I like chocolate chip.

Anyone who thinks Karel El has learned she needs to do her own work and stop expecting magical negroes to do it for her - I'd like to meet you. Seriously. I promise I won't even bring up this bridge I own in the state of New York. I especially won't bring it up if you let me view the world for five minutes through your rainbow sparkly glasses. Cause that is a vision I think I should have - for five minutes.

Yo BNDcakes

Dear dude who did the latest Spiderman.

I've been told you're an ass munch.

I've been told you set up a scenario where despite CW, despite all that hot ass mess, despite having the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men, X-Force*, Sentinel Squad, Spider Squad and S.H.E.I.L.D at the finger tips of law enforcement in NYC - hell roaming around looking for unregistereds....

The NYPD don't need no stinking super heroes, cause they've got experience dealing with weird shit.

Uhm? Kind of like maybe a group of superhero youngsters had experience dealing with bad guys - until one of them blew himself up. WITH A SCHOOL?!!


*wipes tears of mirth*

It's like watching primates fling shit at the zoo. Except ya'll seem to enjoy having poo facials too.

So yeah, new guy? I still have a question for your royal ass munchedness.

Did you ever read a Spiderman comic ever? Watch an animated series? The movies?

Or is your plot an executive directive? (Cause it sure does stink like one)

ETA: Also a train and two buses? Have you been to NYC? Also? A directly from 'above' shot? Also Spiderman holding a camera? Forget my prior question. I don't think you partake of much super hero stuff.

ETA2: * So anyone think the next x-mansion will be wisely underground?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Legacies, Perspectives & Definitions

So I finally get around to reading this Websnark. And yes, I am back-logged. I found myself agreeing with a good part of it and not just the words of the original poster, but also some of the commenters.

I have grown accustomed to the Anime reboot per season / series of certain franchises. At the same time, however, I so fully endorse the legacy idea within this comment made by Lucastd in that post and agree with the remarks about confusion:

... Really, the best solution would be to do what John Allison has so seamlessly done over at See, while exploring the stories of his older set of heroes, he is also raising a new, younger generation of heroes who, if the story were to keep going for infinity and drawn by other artists/writers the way that comic book hero stories do, the younger generation of heroes could replace the older generation of heroes and then the strip could carry on resting on the shoulders of the younger generation.

Batman, for example, could eventually hand the reigns over to Robin and new villians would emerge and it would be the adventures of Robin and his new sidekick. Except that Robin would be cool and not a total lame-o because he'd been developed enough over the years as a character for him to warrant carrying the load that Batman had.

And of course, rivalries between old Batman villains and the baggage that Batman carried around could be passed on to the new Robin hero and, as the reigns were turned over (slowly, over several years), dark secrets about Batman could be revealed that Robin would have to struggle to deal with.

Instead, we get these weird Retcons that try to make us forget that, having been invented in the 1930s, Superman in reality would now be over 70 years old. So, really, either Superman doesn't age or the story has got to reboot somewhere.

You'd think this would be an easy process -- especially when dealing with stories like the X-Men where there are several generations of stories to deal with and develop. Instead, writers seem to stick to their cashable characters and never develop another generation. So, instead of exploring some of the more minor younger characters, we get to see Wolverine kicking butt because, darn it, his claws are so amazingly awesome looking and we can sell more t-shirts that way.

Which I understand, because his claws are pretty awesome-looking...

See the thing is, The DC Animated Universe is directly responsible for my ability to let go when it comes to my favourite characters and let legacy.

Terry McGinnis IS Batman to me, as much as Bruce Wayne.

I loved the Jokerz as a legacy memory of the original Joker. I loved the possibility that perhaps someday, someone would join the gang and fit within it so well he could become that eras new Joker. (Return of the Joker not withstanding).

I loved the new villains.

I loved the fact that this Batman was dealing with some long cast shadows of complexities from the first Batman; Venom, but now as an abused drug for jocks; the Royal Flush Gang as legacy villains, Croc and The Man Bat in the form of spliced or cybernetically enhanced villains.

I loved that these enemies were all building blocks because this Batman was just starting out and he had a whole history ahead of him.

In truth, I was a little disappointed when I learnt of JLU: Epilogue and what that meant for Terry and Bruce and to a lesser extent possibly Matt. There was enough of a psychological bond between the two Batmans, without having to go further. And yes, the two Batmans - that's how I pluralize it. To me, Batmen implies something completely different.

Also Batman Beyond as part of DCAU gave me an older Superman. That was the first time I'd ever seen that, and it stayed that way until the last three years when I heard/learnt about Kingdom Come. And still I remain curious about a Superman who was so isolated no one realized something was majorly wrong with him. I remain curious about a Superman dealing with essentially being immortal on a planet where human lives are so brief. I remain curious about the relationship I didn't get to see enough of, between an old and wrinkled Bruce and a grey haired Kal-El. There are stories there that appeal to me and I think would appeal to others; all ages stories and also more mature / complex tales.

What am I missing that there can't be 'Classic Tales' with the originator of a particular Superhero Name, 'New Tales' with a successor, and 'Continued Stories' with the person now older, who'd once been behind the mask?

Before you explain, however, you need to understand something. I had also, before returning to comics as an adult, never given much thought to what Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age (is there a bronze age?) meant as industry terms. I always just thought that every twenty years or so, the industry declared a new age, and everything/everyone had the same origins, but were now drawn for, and included references to, things that were current.

My very simple comprehension of the terms, probably explains why retcons and things like DC's first Crisis made no sense to me, nor did their possible complications. I didn't already understand why it had happened beyond thinking that someone, somewhere, wanted to tell a really fucked up, all encompassing, makes no sense to me, story. And then I realized they'd used it to get rid of versions of characters I really enjoyed (Helena Wayne) and went WTF comic industry???

The Ages to me, were (and mentally still often are) filters. Golden Age meant - the filter on these tales told from the 30's -> 40's/50's. Silver Age meant yet another filter focusing on the 50's -60's / early 70's.

I read story titles as : This is how Superman met Batman told through the filter of < insert filter here >. If it was a filter I knew I liked, or I thought had possibilities, I read it / looked for more.

This probably explains why I was so confused that Golden Age never seemed to get any new stories. Or why I was so excited when I picked up The New Frontier TPB, cause yay! New Golden Age Story!

I really like being able to choose a filter for certain characters, situations and plots.

I also really like watching characters grow with me.

I do not see a conflict in that. Which probably explains why I don't understand WTF is up with BND, and why Marvel Editorial thought it needed to happen. To me it doesn't seem to be that big a deal to just have a new filter.

Or given that Marvel had Ultimates, to create a new reboot.

Yes, reboots too have a Willow definition. Or rather my mind has a definition for reboots that apparently is not in line with the industry. Ultimates is a reboot to me. It's a whole new universe retold from the beginning where everyone knows we're taking a different spin on things.

A filter = Same characters different time period / relevancy.

A reboot = Same character name/archetype, different progression, different stories. It's an AU.

The OMD/BND fan anger I read as people telling Marvel that in Ultimates there was already a reboot where Peter was young and single, there was no need to lose the current filter of Peter as 30something, married and a teacher. And it seemed even more like they were saying Marvel should just go ahead and do a non-teenage reboot and have yet another new line, where Peter was perhaps 20something, with completely new tales, where MJ would never be a factor and thus Joe Q could be as happy as a perv with an unlimited supply of porn.

Alright, those are my thoughts. Y'all can come school me now.

Oh! One more thing. Seeing things in terms of filters is probably also why I'm so hard on comics for being less racist in these modern times. Yes, I said less racist instead of 'more diverse'. The modern filter to me, should be one which can see and allow minorities to have more power / be more present because it's a filter with the history of the civil rights movement and the eyes of a new generation built right in.

Monday, March 3, 2008

We Interrupt Your Reading For This Brief Announcement


You are so fired.

Fired: To break up with, divorce, get out of a relationship.

Please make no more promises to me about pimping the Carnival. I do not wish to hear them.

Catching Up On Marvel-caused WTF

I'm reading She Hulk.

There are many things going through my mind. Not the least of which is that if it weren't for Kalinara I'd never have bothered with the book at all. The covers have all been far too cheesecake for me. No, that's not fair to the term cheesecake. The covers have seemed like very bad sf porn. And considering how much I enjoyed the 70's tv series Hulk as a child, and how much the concept of a SHE - Hulk appealed to me, I didn't want to see it played out in typical 4 colour porn fashion.

But the content has been the sort of stuff I like; the backstories and side stories of a life with superheroes and I seriously enjoyed it. HOWEVER...

The Starfox On Trial Storyline?

Marvel failed there. Failed big.

I'm currently stopped near the end of that. I think She-Hulk's about to break up with her husband. But I had to stop and write this.

The premise of the Starfox On Trial Storyline Is... (and I'm sorry if this is still spoilery for folk, but Blogger's cut tag process is too damn complicated for me. So don't read anymore.)

The premise of the storyline is that we eventually discover that Starfox's evil brother Thanos, implanted a false memory into Starfox's mind, of him, in a moment of extreme sympathy for his brother (Thanos) using his powers to try and convince Thanos to 'embrace death'. It's not made clear exactly when Thanos kidnapped his brother and implanted this false memory, which is a shame, because you see there's a plot-line here that could be about morality and ethics and how long this has been going on would give some scope as to Starfox's victims. How long has Starfox been unethically using his powers? How long as he been violating person after person and robbing them of their free will?

We don't know.

Instead we get told that everything that's happened was due to brain damage and that Starfox's powers have beem 'malfunctioning' without him being aware of it.

Way to wuss Marvel.

So here's some of the plotline:

Starfox ends up on trial on earth accused of rape. He's charged with using his powers of euphoria to get women to sleep with him where they otherwise might not have. The defendant is revealed on the stand as a possible super-hero fangirl. But, she's also a devoted wife and the mother of three small children; one of whom is an infant, an actual babe in arms.

During the trial all the women who have been debriefed by the prosecution, suddenly turn their stories around on seeing Starfox again. Things seem so bad that Starfox is relegated to being in the trial via remote video link-up only. Which Jen, She-Hulk, thinks is extremely prejudicial. And in a way it is, though in a way it could also be claimed that now no one can claim people speaking well of Starfox are being influenced.

Now during the trial, Jen has a flashback, based on the victim's words and needs to know if Starfox ever used his powers on her.

Do note I do not like in the least how this is presented in the comic. It's presented as if Jen -is- a rape victim, having a flashback and moving into hysteria. A hysteria that ends up seeming verified when we cut to Starfox having charmed his guards into letting him out of lock-up, so he can escape, because he doesn't like his lawyer/fellow Avenger asking him those sorts of questions.

Yeah, it seriously doesn't look good at all for Starfox.

But Jen racing out of the courthouse mid trial isn't presented as her becoming aware that Starfox is about to skip out. It's presented as an almost hysterical need to find out from him what happened between them in the past. It doesn't make her look good either.

Also tangential to the trial, but part of the plot, is the fact that Starfox uses his powers to make Jen and John Jamison fall in love with each other, just as they're on the verge of breaking up. He does it, because he wanted his friend to be happy.

He violates the mind and free-will of a fellow hero, because 'he wants her to be happy'.

This relates right back to the false memory implant. In it Starfox only wanted his brother not to be so depressed and woeful about death in said memory, wanted him to embrace death, to be happy and not so sad about death and Thanos' accidental killing of a creature.

A seed is set into Starfox's mind of him having a precedent of making people happy because he -wishes- it so. Of him having warped ethics about over-riding people's free wills to feel what they feel. Of him having a bent created in his morality of his RIGHT to do this. Now the original purpose of this implanted memory was to show Starfox abusing his power in such a way as to make him responsible for the death and chaos (under his world's laws) caused by his brother Thanos.

But whatever the intent of the memory, memories make up who a person feels and believes they are. People often say 'so and so would NEVER do something like that' based on so and so's history of not doing such things and the character it speaks of.

The memory of an incident in the past, however, is as real as having actually done such a thing. It builds actions in the present based on itself, the way a real incident in the past has actions in the present build on its foundation.

To have this all wiped away as mere brain damage by the device or a process used to implant the memory is Marvel totally failing to follow through on the storyline of what ethically and morally makes up a hero. As well as what repercussions should happen to both Starfox and Thanos for what they've done.

Does Marvel think their readers are unintelligent?

Starfox may not be responsible for his actions in one sense, since he was building his present actions based on a false concept of who he was as a person. But that doesn't make the women he'd slept with any less violated or Esquire Mallory or Jen and John. Starfox should have to face the repercussions of his actions, even if he wasn't directly responsible for them. It might not be his fault he did something wrong, but he can do his best to make things right again. Heck, in this same issue series, Jen's shown doing that exact thing concerning the town of Bone. She was be-spelled when she wrecked it, but she went back to try and help fix it.

So it's not as if the editors and execs at Marvel don't understand this concept. They do. And therefore it's not as if they haven't trusted their readers to comprehend this sort of moral / ethical issue before. They have.

Yes rebuilding a town isn't quite the same thing as rebuilding people. But saying that Starfox will have to 'go around to all the neighbouring systems and seek forgiveness of his victims' and only then 'will his good name be restored'makes it all about him instead of all about them.

He's not making restitution. He's not apologizing. He's to head out into the universe with this excuse so that he'll be pardoned and his good name will no longer be associated with that of a rapist.

Excuse me Marvel???

You take a powerful character like Jen Walters / She-Hulk, then have her mind be whammied and violated by Starfox, so much so that she becomes submissive to her boyfriend, marries him, tries to be what he wants to be. She so much so tries to be what he wants to be, that the text can be used to argue that when she decided against staying as Jen all the time to please him, she balanced that out by following his political wants - approving the Registration Act and hunting down fellow Heroes in the middle of the streets, while they're fighting criminals, in order to get them registered. She's in the field with him, fighting side by side with him, to get people registered. She so wants to make him happy, she agrees to sue Spiderman for Jonah Jamison.

The text STATES that just being near Jamison sends her into feelings of positively dizzy euphoria.

Now the maintained state of euphoria was caused by Awesome Andy. Starfox attacked him and he unknowingly absorbed the powers and never realized it.Starfox's abilites only work for a few hours but with Andy around so many people, unaware, they were being re-dosed time and again. But it's not as if Starfox had never fought Andy before or was unaware of Andy's abilities. So Andy too is yet another victim of Starfox's abilities.

Now, while Jen gets a mind to mind heartfelt 'I never used my powers on you to get you to sleep with me' Starfox's other victims aren't likely to get or want such an apology. And what's Starfox to do anyway? Convince people who fear and are repulsed by him and what he did to who they thought they were to let him near them with a telepath?



And even though Jen got an apology, Starfox's actions still sent chaos into her life. She registered and thus ended up working for SHIELD. She got married.

And what of Jamison? He thought he was getting exactly what he wanted - but it wasn't real. His marriage prompted old enemies to try and attack him, thus turning him into a Man-Wolf and The Star God.

Awesome Andy thought he was getting someone who loved and wanted him - it was a lie. He ends up questioning whether he's a sentient person or simply a thing.

Mallory Book, ended up defending The Leader and not incidentally getting him off, because she needed to show how stone cold she was again, to fight back towards her reputation as a shark after images of her relationship with Andy are published.

That's four lives, plus the original victim and her husband and three children. That's now nine lives. Then there's Pug. That's ten lives, all changed irrevocably by Starfox's actions / misuse of his power. I'm sure if I think a little I can find more.

And yet, does the character get set up with having to deal with this baggage for the rest of his life / super hero career? Does he have to deal with the fact within a few short hours he can complete ruin and upset a person's life?

No. It wasn't his fault. There was evil mind manipulation. And he's given up his powers because the ability to control them wasn't ETHICALLY DAMAGED, oh no, it's not his JUDGEMENT to be called into question, it was PHYSICAL BRAIN DAMAGE.

In every story arc I've read so far with Jen, there's always a questioning of her identity - is she losing herself in She-Hulk? Is she hiding in Jen? So Jen Walters has to deal with other characters querying or judging her behavior but Starfox doesn't have to?

And yes, Jen has her own series and I'm not sure if Starfox is used anywhere else ever again. But is that less of a reason to wrap up the story arc with such a wonderful character premise and plot premise in place? A male superhero who has to forever be vigilant in how he uses his abilities and be wary of why people are being chummy/social / getting close to him? That's not interesting? Moreover, personally I think Starfox declaring himself celibate for an extended period of time would be at least some form of reparation to the lives he's so chaotically influenced.

But seriously Marvel?

This is the message you want to send?

Rich white boy is charged with multiple counts of rape. Flees jurisdiction with Daddy's help. Expert witnesses say he's brain damaged and they've permanently confiscated his access to any and all date rape drugs. He can still buy alcohol though. There'll be letters sent out absolving him from any culpability.

No time served.

No cognitive behavioral therapy to change his way of thinking about women.

No reparations are made to his victims.

Wow Marvel, you not only wuss out. You suck.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Expect The Unexpectedly Silly!

 Spiderman TV Theme Song: Birthday month (x2) Nothing like my birthday month. Birthday month (x4) Look out! It is my birthday month! \o/

Looks Like The Lifetime Channel

This clip is somewhat old. I've been avoiding it and avoiding it. But I added some new feeds last night and up this popped this morning; rolling automatically.

My reaction?


Dear Superman,

When he hits you, it is NOT love. Just because you can recover quickly does NOT make it okay.

Stalkery Obession is a sign of Mental Unbalance.

Walk Away.

Take Out An Intergalatic Restraining Order.

And tell Batman you find Luthor creepy. Bats'll take care of it.