Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yet Another 3 Things....

1) There ain't nothing like the tone argument, that then compares discussions of sexism, particularly rape culture with discussions of, racism and homophobia and then somehow feels it makes sense to mix in abortion. If I were to interact with said original poster I would ask if they're putting a fetus' human rights on par with the rights of living, breathing, thinking, feeling people of colour, people who are queer, and people who present as female.

The OP then calls them all overly passionate, gut feeling, illogical responses. Talks about how 'rationality' is needed to win the day, and other thoughts most ignorants think are original and neutral while they actually have their heads up their asses. Author-quest.blogspot (if you're curious)

{ Aside: I cannot be the only person who rolls eyes at individuals who want to say "Freedom of Speech matters even for 'icky' speech". But who then demands others hold their tongue decrying things THEY find outrageous? And who then calls them selfish for having their say? Is there a spell of ironic unseeing hypocritical + 10 that gets thrown on these folks?}

2) The internet evolves fast. Three years ago I wasn't thinking about that. I should have, however, because I think even then I knew the rule for PoC was 'pics or it didn't happen'. And, well, you have to be in control of the pics to make sure they don't disappear and get overwritten by more recent images. If such happens, then someone might actually comment about how Vixen in the 'earlier days' was LIGHT SKINNED and costumes change among superheroes. Not only is this 'ignorants confident they're having original thoughts they just have to put out there', (but that I won't publish). WTH internet/tech time is that person thinking of? Earlier days? Did the 1980's morph into 2008 when I wasn't looking?

3) Worse though, to get that comment right after hearing the news that Dwanye McDuffie had passed away...

I'm going to hold onto MY GREEN LANTERN

That's it. That's all.